Mindy Kaling Gives 'The Mindy Project' Fans Hope That Mindy & Danny Could Get Back Together

As much fun as it was watching Dr. Mindy Lahiri get herself into dozens of hellish dating situations during the early seasons of The Mindy Project, I was always secretly hoping that Mindy and Danny would come to their senses and start dating one another. Unfortunately, things don't always work out in life, or on TV, because Danny and Mindy broke up shortly after the birth of their son. As reported by TVLine, Danny has dropped down to a recurring character in Season 5 of the Hulu series, which means we'll see even less of him in upcoming episodes. But is all hope lost for Danny and Mindy? Not so fast, because, according to Mindy Kaling, The Mindy Project has a few "Danny heavy episodes" left in Season 4.

It's been a fun time watching Mindy explore life as a single mom, but that doesn't mean that I don't seriously miss her "opposites attract" relationship with Danny. The chemistry between these two OBGYNs was palpable (even their bickering felt like foreplay) and so when I saw the two finally announce their love for one another atop the Empire State Building, I assumed it would be for good. Unfortunately, Mindy's suitors for Season 4 do not include Danny — instead, it seems that things could pick up between Mindy and Southern doc Jody.

However, according to Kaling, it might not be that simple. She told E! News at the show's For Your Consideration event: "I'm so excited for people to see it because everyone just gets really certain that it's going to be a certain way and, I don't want to give any spoilers away, but there is some big left turns that I'm excited about."


Could the left turn include Danny? According to Kaling: "People will not miss Danny because he's going to be there. We would never do that to the audience, so people don't have to worry about it." Coupled with the fact that both Kaling and her co-showrunner Matt Warburton stated that the last four episodes of Season 4 will be "Danny heavy," this Danny/Mindy shipper has to wonder: could a Danny and Mindy reunion happen?

It certainly would be surprising, if that's what Kaling is going for. Danny dropping down to a recurring character in Season 5 seemingly suggests that his emotional role on the series will be less important as well, but there's always the chance that Kaling has a different trick up her sleeve. Perhaps the big surprise of Season 4 — which, according to Kaling, will end in a cliffhanger — is that Mindy and Danny do get back together, but for some reason, can't make their relationship work in the same city. That would certainly satisfy fans (like me!), who will compare every romantic relationship of Mindy's to the one she had with Danny. I can handle Danny being gone for a chunk of the season if I know that, when he returns, we get to see him work his magic dance moves in front of Mindy again:


Of course, Mindy doesn't need a love interest — there's a very real possibility that Kaling's "left turns" include keeping Mindy a free agent in Season 5. Sadly, if I had to choose, I'd much rather have the titular Mindy single than have her with someone who just doesn't stack up to Danny.

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