How To Play Soccer On Facebook Messenger

As if we all didn't spend enough time chatting via social media and generally spending huge chunks of our day smiling and staring into small, bright screens, it's just been revealed that one popular messaging app has a new entertainment function to keep us, well, entertained: You can now learn how to play soccer on Facebook Messenger (in case you weren't already aware that you could, that is). The Messenger app now contains a secret soccer-themed game within the chat, which can be unlocked by simply using that soccer ball emoji. Your Messenger chats will never be the same again.

Facebook is constantly changing its game in an attempt to become a multi-faceted social media app, while other apps like Snapchat and Instagram battle for our attention by constantly combining new features. Therefore, there's no doubt that this latest move will set the internet alight for the gaming fans who also love to use that chat function on Facebook. This latest move follows the introduction of a seriously addictive Easter egg basketball game into Messenger back in March — and more recently of course, users across the world rejoiced at the company's decision to include more gender diverse emoji, which were rolled out last month.

And even if you don't like this new game, at least you're putting the soccer emoji to good use, so it's a win-win for all of us. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to keep yourself (and your friends!) even more entertained on Messenger for hours.

1. Update Your Messenger App


I spent 10 minutes in despair wondering why an earth I was unable to indulge in what could potentially be the greatest game on earth (slight exaggeration, but I really wanted to play). Then I updated Facebook Messenger, and voila — good to go. Here's how to do that.

2. Send The Soccer Ball Emoji

Once Messenger is open, send the soccer ball emoji to a friend and pester them to play you (see above).

3. Tap The Ball

If your friends aren't down, you can just tap the ball and go completely solo. But once you've started playing a friend, you can see their score in the top hand-right corner.

4. Keep Tapping The Ball

The object of the game is to keep the ball from falling back down to the bottom of the screen (in England, we call this "keepie uppies," FYI). You'll be rewarded with thumbs up and smiling emojis as you score points but if you get too good, (i.e. top 10 in a row), the app starts to make things harder by throwing distractions at you.

Have fun, everyone!

Images: Emojipedia; Giphy; Georgina Lawton/Bustle (3)