Get Beyonce's Round Sunglasses For A Chic Look

by Melanie Richtman

On Wednesday, Beyonce stepped out in New York City wearing a rather creative outfit. The singer mixed a multicolored striped skirt with a leather kimono, a patterned bag, and fringe sandals. But the best part of her outfit was definitely her shades and I'm sure you all want to know where you can buy Beyonce's round sunglasses. They are so chic.

It turns out, Queen Bey's round sunglasses are only $65 and are made by PERVERSE. In the scheme of things, $65 for sunglasses really isn't too bad, especially for a celebrity, who could easily be spotted in thousand dollar designer sunglasses. When I was looking around the PERVERSE site, they show you what other people are buying while you're browsing. And you know which pair kept popping up? Beyonce's.

The pair Beyonce was sporting are called the "Madness Wraparound Sunglasses" and they come in a few different metal options: gold, silver, copper and gunmetal. From the looks of it, Beyonce was wearing the gunmetal pair. The more you know. Also, I'd recommend moving quickly, because there's a good chance they'll sell out.

If $65 sunglasses are a little out of your budget, or if you are like me and cannot be trusted to keep a pair of sunglasses, for lack of a better term, "alive" for more than a month or so, there are plenty of lookalikes you can buy.

Here are a few pairs of Beyonce-inspired round sunglasses for your viewing (and shopping) pleasure.

This Pair From Urban Outfitters

Both Worlds Round Sunglasses, $18, Urban Outfitters

Classic black round sunglasses.

This Pair From ASOS

Jeepers Peepers Round Sunglasses, $29, ASOS

This cool pair from ASOS doesn't have that pesky nose bar, so you can look as cool as Queen Bey.

This Pair From Forever 21

Round Sunglasses, $8, Forever 21

Looking for the most affordable pair? Forever 21 has you covered.