This Donald Trump Parody Video Is Insane

If America's key electorate were faux Japanese Trump fangirls, we might have the perfect commercial to ensure his defeat — or success? Not really sure. In any case, we have a commercial... or rather, a really weird yet incredible Donald Trump parody video. Whether you like him or not, you'll agree the Mike Diva video is extremely well-made.

It starts in a pink bedroom. The walls are covered with posters of Trump, the desk with doodles of him with his money. Then a young woman comes into frame, fawning over a framed picture of the presumptive Republican presidential nominee. Suddenly, the picture winks at her and the TV turns itself on, announcing that Trump has been elected president of the world. Then comes the stylistic switch. The protagonist leads you through a magical world of Trump.

She flies (literally flies) by buildings with his name — and bust — on display above LCD screens featuring his speeches. Then it's over to a Trump-inspired alternative universe, complete with Trump flowers and a Trump animal reminiscent of a furry brontosaurus. Then a small flying Trump bug is shot by a missile fired from Trump's fleet of army tanks. He's portrayed as the fascist leader he's trying to be, with the tanks lined up in front of a huge statue à la North Korea.

Jump to the most obnoxious versions of Trump you can imagine, posing with swastikas and addressing the camera with lewd gestures. Finally, the woman reaches Trump and embraces him, which of course leads to nothing good. He turns into some sort of transformer version of himself, builds a wall, flies into space, and promptly destroys the Earth. It sure seems like there are a million anti-Trump morals to get out of this.

That may or may not be the point — depending on whether you think "swastikas and Trump literally blowing up the planet is bad," as the video's director Mike Diva said on Twitter in reply to fan asking if the video was made to make Trump look bad. Diva also tweeted that he wants to make things that are pretty, funny, and terrifying all at the same time. He has certainly succeeded with this one.

Don't believe me? Just fast-forward to 0:50. Those are missiles — probably loaded with nuclear weapons — going off behind the young woman and Trump. What's terrifying? Trump could potentially make that happen if he wins in November.