Gisele Bundchen is Back On the Runway

When she's not busy doing yoga in her living room and being married to Tom Brady, sometimes Gisele Bundchen goes back to her roots. We're talking about the runway. In a surprise appearance, the Bundchen wrapped up Alexander Wang's Fall 2014 Balenciaga show Thursday in Paris. Bundchen strutted her famous stuff wearing a studded sweater and black, tailored trousers. And of course, she looked totally amazing.

We're sure Balenciaga had to pay a pretty Euro or two to have Bundchen walk in their show, but we'd argue that it was worth it. Not only is the Internet abuzz with her and Alexander Wang, but her involvement in the show drew more eyes to the collection itself.

Bundchen shared a few photos of her quick trip to Paris with her followers on Instagram. It seemed like she had a lot of fun being back with her model friends, snapping pics with them backstage and attempting to make "funny" faces.

Although she's focusing more on editorial and print these days, it's refreshing to see Bundchen hasn't become too famous to come back to the runway. Of course, it has to be for the right reasons (big brand, nice paycheck, etc.) and we're sure her close best friendship with Alexander Wang had a little something to do with it.

Image: GiseleOfficial/Instagram