11 Items Every Home Needs That You Probably Don't Have

Being an adult is hard. There are rules, deadlines, taxes. So when it comes to our homes, it's definitely in our best interests to make our lives as easy as humanely possible, And that being said, there are things every home should have that yours probably doesn't, and they'd make life way better.

I've often written about the fact that my first apartment after college was essentially an extension of a college dorm. The furniture was a total hodgepodge of colors and fabrics, the fridge was always a mess, and cleaning supplies were scarce. I went for an entire year without owning a vacuum, and paper towels stood in places of things like sponges and mops.

Not only were things pretty gross, but cleaning was harder than it had to be, and life at home was just less pleasant in general because I didn't have a few simple basics. Things got better in my next apartment, but it truthfully took several more years to truly perfect my abode. Time has taught me that to make a home feel really perfect (not to mention, easy to maintain) there are a few must-have, game-changing items.

If you're getting ready to move spaces, or just want to kick your current space into high hear, here are 11 items every home should have which you probably don't.

1. A Cordless Vacuum

Black & Decker Cordless Dust Buster Hand Vac, $47.99, PacManStore.com

This is something that took me way too long to get behind. Seriously, you won't realize how many uses you have for a light-weight cordless vacuum until you actually have one. They're great for unexpected spills or getting into nooks and crannies.

2. A Landing Strip

Wade Entryway Bech, $699, PotteryBarn.com

An Apartment Therapy compilation piece stressed the importance of a landing strip, or a place where you can set all of your stuff down when you come home each day. They noted that it will ideally have coat hooks, a place to put your keys, and a waste basket.

3. Dimmers

Torchiere Floor Lamp with Task Light, $21.99, Target.com

That same Apartment Therapy piece noted that, "Dimmers allow you to shift your light and dramatically transform your space with your existing light fixtures. Light control is crucial to making a beautiful space." And the good news is you can buy lamps with their own dimmer functions built in at super economical prices.

4. A Filing Cabinet

White & Aqua 3-Drawer File Cabinet, $229, Poppin.com

In an article about ways to clear paper clutter for HGTV, special projects editor Kayla Kitts stressed the importance of owning a filing cabinet. No joke — an organized and centralized space for keeping all of my important documents not only has saved me a ton of time in recent years, but it relieved a ton of anxiety I didn't even know I had. You know where everything important is at all times. Plus, they come in super cute colors and models now a days!

5. A First Aid Kit

Uline First Aid Kit, $24, Uline.com

This one might seem obvious, but it's worth mentioning for the simple fact that you never want to be caught without a first aid kit when you need one. Order one online asap and rest easy knowing that it's there.

6. A Steam Cleaner

Jo Mangano My Little Steamer, $19.99, Bedbathandbeyond.com

I can't tell you how many times I've been saved by my portable steam cleaner. It gets wrinkles out of delicate clothes that can't be ironed, and works super well in place of an iron when you're traveling or on the go. This is another one where you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.

7. A Lint Roller

3M Scotch Brite Lint Roller, $3.75, Uline.com

Simply put, lint rollers are a must. You just never want to be caught without one when you need one, end of story. They're especially essential if you own pets.

8. Linen Spray

Ginger Pomelo Linen and Room Spray, $10.00, Caldrea.com

Linen spray is kind of my new obsession and is the latest addition to my "must have at all times" list. You just spay it directly on clothes or fabric to give them an extra fresh, just-laundered scent. I also love spraying it on couches and carpets after I've vacuumed for an added little touch.

9. Curtains

According to Homify.com, curtains are one of the unsung heroes when it comes to completing the look and feel of a space. Curtains can help make a room look chic, romantic, or totally cozy, depending on the fabric, color, and texture. So don't let your windows go to waste!

10. Fresh Flowers

In a piece for Houzz.com, celebrity designer Yanic Simard noted that he doesn't consider any space truly complete until it has fresh flowers or plants. He noted that it gives the room, "a sense of life and care that keeps it from feeling static.

11. Matching Towels

Liz Claiborne MicroCotton Bath Towels, $9.99, JCPenney.com

And finally, a compilation piece from ElleDecor on things every person should own by 30 prominently lists a matching set of towels. There's just something so incredibly satisfying about owning matching linens. This tiny detail will make the every day tasks of washing your face or drying off after a shower way more enjoyable.

Getting the necessary basics for your home space is easy; it's the added extra little details that can completely elevate a space from house to home. Think about picking up some or all of the above the next time you're out — I promise you'll thank me.

Images: Pexels (2)