How Did Bethenny Frankel & Dennis Shields Meet? The 'RHONY' Star & Her New Boyfriend Have A Long History

Bethenny Frankel has long been one of my favorite Real Housewives cast members. She is smart, strong, witty, but still so sweet, and I have always loved her honesty in every situation. So, when something good happens to her, I am so happy, because she deserves it. Although drama is always stirring in the world of the Real Housewives of New York City, things are going well for Frankel in her personal life, as E! News reported in early June that Frankel is dating Dennis Shields, a successful banker. Now that she is starting to speak out about her blossoming relationship on the show, I can't help but wonder how Frankel and Shields met, because I am sure that nothing in their lives comes without a tiny bit of drama.

Frankel's RHONY cast mate Luann de Lesseps is already stirring the pot in regards to her new relationship. She recently told E! News that she considers Frankel a hypocrite for now dating a married man, after Frankel accused her of the same in Season 8. So, wait, is Shields married? Technically, yes. The story of how Frankel and Shields met is a bit more complicated than a random meeting at a some event in NYC, because nothing comes particularly easy for these Housewives in their love lives.

Let's start at the nitty gritty. Back in February, Page Six was already reporting on her new man, and the publication naturally dug up history on them very quickly. According to Page Six, Frankel and Shields have been "friends for 27 years," and that “Bethenny and Dennis’ soon-to-be-ex-wife have a long history.” It turns out, Shields' soon-to-be-ex-wife is Frankel's old high school friend. I knew it had to be a little juicy.

Frankel recently opened up to People to comment on this new relationship, though she vowed to remain more private that she was in the past, like in her marriage to Jason Hoppy. She said,

We have a lot of friends in common, and we've been friends for years... We were in the same circle. We've both been married and separated, and I was friends with the woman he later married in high school, and I've spoken to her about three times in last 25 years.

I love her honesty and willingness to put anything out there. Because of de Lesseps' comments on her dating a married man, Frankel has had to defend her relationship with the separated Shields, and she hasn't held back on making jokes about their status, in typical Bethenny Frankel fashion. She also told People,

He's legally married and separated, which is exactly what I am so we're a perfect match. That's me being me, making a joke, owning it, like "Yes would you like to open my hood, here it is..."

Whatever their marital statuses are, it seems like both Frankel and Shields are in the right place to begin dating, and it sounds like they've been together at least since the holidays. A source shared with E! that the couple vacationed with RHONY cast member Carole Radziwill and her boyfriend Adam Kenworthy. In the latest episode of RHONY, Frankel opened up to Radziwill about this vacation they all took together, saying in her confessional,

It's nice to date someone really smart and passionate, and who's busy... I don't want him living my life in my apartment with my money. I want a partner.

I am happy for her! She even told Radziwill that at that point (which they probably filmed a few months ago), Shields was already telling her that he was in love and ready to get married again. Well, it sounds like having a friendship first definitely worked out very well for these two.