17 Celebrities Who Support The Gun Filibuster

On Wednesday, a group of Democratic senators took over the Senate floor to stand up for gun control reform. This came in response to the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history, which happened Sunday morning at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida. With the filibuster, led by Sen. Chris Murphy of Connecticut, the group showed they had had enough. At around 11 a.m., interrupting another debate that was happening, they turned the floor to an impassioned 15-hour filibuster. Many celebrities tweeted about Murphy's filibuster, sending important messages about gun control.

Murphy was joined by 35 of his Democratic colleagues, including big-name senators like Elizabeth Warren and Cory Booker, trading off their time on the floor to fight for new legislation. In the past, Murphy has personally had to answer to his constituents about how to avoid another massacre like the one at Sandy Hook, in which 20 elementary school children were murdered in his state.

In the end, Murphy promised that he wouldn't stop the takeover until he got Republicans to agree to a vote on two things: implementing background checks at gun shows and for online sales, and a ban on people who are on a terrorist watch list from buying guns (currently being referred to as the "no fly, no buy" rule).

Through the fight, celebrities were cheering the senators on from the sidelines and rallying support from followers, using hashtags like #filibuster and #holdthefloor on social media. Here are 17 celebrities who showed their support:

Amy Schumer

Debra Messing

Zoe Kazan

Kathy Griffin

Beau Willimon

Chelsea Peretti

Billy Eichner

Samantha Bee

Josh Charles

Aidy Bryant

Constance Wu

Gabrielle Giffords

Talib Kweli

Nick Offerman

John Legend

Julianne Moore

Lin-Manuel Miranda

It's great to see this filibuster gain support from influential celebrities and politicians alike.