Ban These 7 Body-Shaming Terms Right Now

You guys, we are the worst. In today's latest ughhhh-worthy news, "kninkles" is the newest addition to body-shaming terms, which is being used to describe knee wrinkles. Apparently, women are looking to a new, quick cosmetic "knee raising" procedure that claims to firm up saggy skin and reduce fat during your lunch break.

The new treatment, called Vela Shape, aims to offer results that once were only achievable through surgery, using a combination of infrared light and vacuum therapy. With infrared light, vacuum and bi-polar radio frequency, the procedure is designed to increase circulation, lymphatic drainage and cellular metabolism, which can result in skin firmness and a "lift" effect.

But enough about that — can we please go back to the word "kninkles?" Is this really a word we want to be be using? Haven't our knees always been a little wrinkly...since we were babies?! I understand that knees do sag as you get older and while I respect people's choices to go and get this Vela Shape procedure or whatever, I am not condoning the word "kninkles." In fact, I am going to make it a personal crusade of mine to ban all body-shaming terms that not only sound, but are completely ridiculous. Please, feel free to join me.


The first time I heard this term, which is used to describe the area where the calf merges with the foot, was in the movie Shallow Hal. That was in 2001. Can we all pledge to leave it behind there?


This atrocious term is used to describe thick thighs, sometimes with cellulite. If you're using it to describe someone else, you're awful. If you're using it to describe yourself, stop being so mean to your body!


This is used to describe people who lack a derriere and whose behind merges with the back of their legs. This term is a less-popularly used one, but still rude nonetheless.


We all know what love handles are. I feel like this term tries to be cute and sweet, but it's completely backhanded.


This describes the extra fat on the sides of the thighs and butts, which is completely normal if you are a human being. So, really, can we just call it side legs or something more practical?


This is when pants can sometimes be too tight, forcing our stomachs to pop out from the tops of our jeans or trousers. Why is it that we insist on identifying our bodies as food? Pear-shaped, apple butt — we are not food, people.