3 Funny Family(ish) Tumblrs To Follow Now

Everyone loves to laugh at their families. But everyone loves to laugh at other people's families more. Enter these three tumblrs that will have you grimacing in embarrassment as much as they'll have you giggling in recognition.

1. Just Middle Aged Man Things

This tumblr makes fun of your pokey suburban dad in the funniest way possible, with jokes about MapQuest, khakis, Caddyshack, and basically everything a middle-aged man night dig. I especially love the dead-on answers to the questions posed by followers. Example:

"Anonymous asked: Are you taking any supplements to improve your heart health?

Lynn puts some junk from the GNC next to my toast every morning. I fed them to the dog til he started wanting to go on extra walks. Now I just take them, and I eat more fish. I feel the same."

LOL forever.

2. Me At 13

Painfully hilarious, the writer behind Me At 13 posts actual pictures and diaries entries from her own tween years. Bad fashion, bad skin, and snarkily nostalgic commentary make this a must-follow.

3. Notes To My Future Husband

Even though this tumblr has already made the transition into pen-and-ink book, it's a classic. Think your bitchy best friend saying translated into snappy tweet-like sound bites. Sometimes raunchy and always funny and honest, kill a few hours of your Friday afternoon by reading back through the archives.

Photos courtesy of respective tumblrs