Kimoji Merchandise Is On Its Way

You know you’ve been sending the Kim Kardashian hitting Khloé Kardashian with a purse emoji to any of your friends who say they can’t go out with you. And if you thought your obsession for these emojis couldn’t get more real, well, think again. When is the Kimoji merchandise coming out? You’re not going to have to wait long to get your hands on even more of these symbols that so perfectly illustrate your moods.

Kardashian posted to social media announcing that the merch launches on her subscription-based website and app on June 16. Yes, you read that correctly. So, any minute now, you’ll be able to shop Kimoji-covered gear. She’s teasing the fact that there will be a phone case emblazoned with the “Send Nudes” Kimoji and wrapping paper with various emoji prints, but that’s all she’s mentioned as of yet. I have a feeling there will be plenty of items to choose from because why would you stop at just phone cases when you could have t-shirts, hats and more. Ooh, a Kimoji hat? I like the sound of that.

Keep an eye out on her website and app for when the products go on sale. And if you’re not already a subscriber, this may be just the kind of thing you need to convince you to sign up. I mean, Kimoji merchandise? It just doesn’t get any better.

This is the best news I've heard all day.

YAS, Kim K!

Just genius. Who knew these could be so much more than just what you sent to the contacts in your phone? I can't wait for all of the Kimoji products headed our way!