4 Father's Day Poems That Rhyme, For When You Need A Little Something Extra For Dad's Card

Father's Day is almost here, and if your dad lives far or near, you might get him a card or treat, or fire up the grill for some bacon-wrapped meat, but if you're more the pensive type, or can only chat by phone or Skype, you might instead spend some of your time, looking for Father's Day poems that rhyme. See what I did there? I'm basically Dr. Seuss, and, yeah I got that blazing wit from my dad.

The challenge with Father's Day poetry is that most of the best work is written about dads who were objectively terrible, but if you are reading this article in the first place, you probably look upon your dear old dad with a kind eye. Each Father's Day, you remember the happy times like when he taught you all about the most important players in the early '90s hip hop landscape, or the lazy days when you could routinely find your dad watching The Osbournes. Oh... was that just my dad? Uh, I digress.

If you are looking for something to write in his Father's Day card beyond your name, which he hopefully knows, these rhyming poems could just do the trick.

1. "Twenty Bucks" by Denise Rodgers


This one is for the dad who has helped you out financially.

2. "Father" by Jennifer S. Williams


This rhyme is for the superhero dad who still seems totally invincible. Read the second verse at the link.

3. "Father" by Edgar Albert Guest


For the dad who has strong opinions on this election cycle. Read the rest of the poem at the link above.

4. "Perfect Dad Blend" by Joanna Fuchs


For a poem that's short, simple, and gets immediately to the point, this one is for you.

I am glad you're my father;You're really the best;As a dad, you're a fine one;I'm so very blessed.You're smart, and you're strong,Just a perfect dad blend;You're my father, my counselorAnd a really good friend.

Happy Father's Day to all you pops out there.

Image: Pixabay