Apply For 'Game Of Thrones' Jobs With Westeros Recruitment, If You Dare

Struggling to jumpstart your career in Westeros? Fear not! Find your perfect Game of Thrones job with Westeros Recruitment, a recruitment agency serving businesses and jobseekers throughout the Seven Kingdoms. The job market in Westeros seems like a bit of a mixed bag: On the one hand, you have a high chance of being maimed or killed at some point during your career. On the other, high turnover! So, if Westeros Recruitment doesn’t have the perfect job for you right at this moment, just give it a few days. No doubt someone will soon be beheaded out of the position that’s just right for you.

Created by (real) companies Time Recruitment and the Online Ventures Group, Westeros Recruitment claims to “specialize in matching the best candidates to roles across the Seven Kingdoms.” The company has job ads available for jobseekers with a variety of experience and skill levels, from the entry-level position of “Personal Assistant to Bran Stark,” all the way up to “Lord of the Seven Kingdoms.” (Be aware, however, that although Westeros Recruitment offers job-finding assistance, it does not offer job security… or survival. “We find the jobs, staying in them is your problem,” the company’s website declares).

Currently available job positions include “Apprentice at the House of Black & White.” Here’s the listing:

The role specifies that no one apply, which makes our job kind of difficult in retrospect. Becoming no one means that you will no longer fear death. Death will become your boss and in order to properly serve him you must grow to love him. As an apprentice of the House of Black and White you will devote yourself to the Many-Faced God and serve his bidding.

(OK, but is dental insurance included?)

Another open position is that of Assistant to Bran Stark. Duties for the job are as follows:

(Too soon?)

Of course, no job recruitment site would be complete without testimonials. Daenerys Targaryen sings the praises of Westeros Recruitment, saying:

Check out more job listings as Westeros Recruitment’s website or on Twitter.

Image: HBO