Piper Was Branded On 'Orange Is The New Black' & The Experience Won't Be Quickly Forgotten

Piper has been on a dangerous path for a while on Orange is the New Black and one of her latest consequences was particularly dark. There are spoilers ahead for Orange is the New Black Season 4. Piper got branded with a swastika on Orange is the New Black . She framed Maria Ruiz for the panty operation, and Maria's revenge was lasting.

At the beginning of the new season, Piper's newfound power had both gone to her head and disappeared. After losing panty employees to Maria's rival operation, she took extreme measures that totally backfired and Maria promised to "bury her" in revenge.

I mean, I'm not that surprised. Piper did accidentally become the leader of Litchfield's unofficial Aryan Sisterhood. In order to take down her panty business competition, she started an "anti-gang" task force — and is anyone surprised that the people who wanted to join that club were 90 percent white, and included more than one white supremacist? The first meeting of this group ended with her "task force" chanting "White Lives Matter" and Piper immediately knew that she had made a mistake and gotten in way over her head, but from her perspective there was no going back.

The episode ended with "Tomorrow Belongs To Me," the fictional Nazi folk song from the musical Cabaret, which was fitting. However, the situation got a bit more serious later on, when Maria burned the Nazi symbol on her skin. When Piper eventually gets out of Litchfield, assuming that she ever does, that's going to be hard to explain.

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Even though Piper shed her skinhead bodyguards, Maria still wanted payback. Litchfield's punishment for stealing Whispers underwear was particularly cruel. Her sentence was extended. She has a child! However, I don't think anyone expected them to brand Piper. In a later episode, Red and some of Piper's old friends were able to change the brand into something un-offensive. Still, I don't think Piper will ever forget that mark.

Image: JoJo Whilden/Netflix