FrancoFest, A Film Festival In James Franco's Honor, Seems A Little Premature, No?

James Franco is getting his own film festival and the most shocking part is that he didn't come up with it himself. Not that Franco would choose to create a film festival showing only his work, but I just thought maybe he created a festival, named it after himself, and planned to show only Franco-approved films. Not the case. James Franco's movies will be shown at FrancoFest which will take place at the IFC Center in New York City. The festival will serve as a Franco "retrospective" — a word I didn't think you were allowed to use in reference to someone unless they were at least fifty.

According to the IFC Center's website, "[James Franco's] choices have never feared complexity or controversy, and each new project bristles with the thrill of discovery. We’re thrilled to present this not-even-mid-career survey."

The festival, which will run from March 5-13 will include films in which Franco starred including Spring Breakers, 127 Hours, and Howl, as well as films he directed, As I Lay Dying and Sal, among others. Gus Van Sant's My Own Private Idaho will also be shown as it lead to Franco's "remix" of the film focusing on star River Phoenix, My Own Private River.

James Franco will appear at the festival himself for certain screenings including a screening of Sal on March 7 and Spring Breakers on March 6.

Now, doesn't this all sound much more reasonable than when you first heard the word FrancoFest? By the way, where the eff is Pineapple Express?!