LC's Wedding Guest: Drama, Drama, Draaaaama

Former Hills star Lauren Conrad has officially set a date for her nuptials. The fashion mogul got engaged in early October to boyfriend and law student, William Tell, so when will they actually walk down the aisle? Conrad plans to get married amongst the autumn leaves.

“They’ll walk down the aisle this fall,” InTouch reports. “Lauren is in full-on wedding-planning mode and loving it... “She’s designing the entire thing herself, including her wedding dress... She’s so excited to see her vision come to life.”

While we can expect nothing less than a stunning wedding straight out of a wedding magazine from the DIY queen, we can't help but wonder — when it comes to Conrad's faux reality pals, who will get an invite and who will get the boot? Let's take a guess.

1. Whitney Port: YES

Just like on television, Port and Conrad have been friends since interning together. Port is even helping Conrad plan the wedding, so she'll definitely have a seat at the ceremony.

2. Audrina Patridge: NO

Conrad recently said that she is banning former cast members from attending the wedding, with the exception of Port and Lo Bosworth. Looks like Patridge is out of luck for these wedding bells.

3. Brody Jenner: NO

Conrad has stated that no exes will be invited to her wedding. Brody Jenner definitely makes that list.

4. Lo Bosworth: YES

Not only is Lo going, but she is also going to be a bridesmaid. Everyone now: awww.

5. Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt: NO

We would be kidding ourselves to ever hope that Conrad would invite her best friend-turned-enemy and the husband that destroyed their friendship. They've got to be a "no."

6. Kristin Cavallari: NO

Not only were they pretty much mortal enemies for the duration of their reality television careers, Conrad was not invited to Cavallari's wedding last year. Looks like the nail has been tightly nailed into this coffin.