11 Crazy Arya Moments From 'GoT' Season 6

Game Of Thrones Season 6 has a clear heroine, and her name is Arya Stark from Winterfell. After a grueling season of seeing Arya tested mercilessly, it was such a relief to see her declare in the eighth episode the season, "No One," that she could never renounce her family name. And that declaration was just one in a series of insane Game Of Thrones Arya moments that have made up Season 6.

Arya has had one of the most transformative trajectories of any character on Game Of Thrones. Her strength, perseverance, and amazing survivalist skills could make her a candidate to rule the Seven Kingdoms — if she wanted to, that is. In Season 6 alone, she's overcome blindness and attempted assassination, learned how to fight without her eyes to help her, and disobeyed the Many-Faced God despite knowing the risk involved in doing so.

Season 6 of Game Of Thrones has been insane: We've seen characters return that we never expected to come back (like the Hound — sidenote, I hope he and Arya meet again), and alliances being broken and formed between the most unlikely of people (the North is finally banding together with the wildlings). But, arguably the craziest moments of the season have all been a part of Arya's storyline. Need proof? Here are a few Arya Stark moments from Season 6 of GoT that are almost too crazy to be true:

1. Blind Fighting

Arya can easily adapt, this is much is clear. After she is blinded in Season 5, she lives on the streets of Braavos as a beggar. The first time we see Arya in Season 6, she's in rags and blind on the streets — but instead of trying to find passage home, she tries to make her way back to the House of Black and White. Which, like, why? Maybe she really does just love Jaqen H'ghar. The Waif delights in this, "teaching" Arya how to stick-fight while totally blind in the streets. It's painful to watch Arya get beat so many times, but her persistence is admirable.

2. Choosing Not To Poison Lady Crane

After all the rigmarole trying to become "no one," Arya realizes she just can't become a faceless assassin. Which is a relief, because she is a Stark through and through — but after all that training, it was a little disappointing to see her go back on her once-dream. In any case, it was a victory for Arya fans when, in the episode "Blood Of My Blood," she chose not to poison Lady Crane, the actress that was her mark. Even though Arya knows it means that she will pay a price — after all, the Many-Faced God was promised a life would be taken, and still expects one — she cannot murder someone innocent. It was shocking, considering the fact that disobeying Jaqen H'ghar has serious consequences — all of which she was aware of — but that didn't change her mind.

3. Retrieving Needle

This was a slow-clap moment more than crazy AF, but still. After Arya decides that she can no longer be a faceless assassin, she retrieves her beloved sword, Needle, from its hiding place in the episode "Blood Of My Blood." Ultimately, that was the moment that a girl chose, and Arya clearly understood that hanging on to her identity could mean death. But in a season full of Starks reclaiming their power, it was so good to see Arya wielding Needle, even if it meant the darkest of consequences at the hands of Jaqen.

4. Hiding In Plain Sight

Crazy because it seemed so naïve... and it was. Arya confidently and very conspicuously approaching those Westerosi shipsman and throwing her money on the table seemed like a really foolish decision on her part — one that led to her getting stabbed by the Waif.

5. Wandering The Streets Super-Stabbed

After the Waif mercilessly stabs a knife repeatedly to Arya's gut and she splashes into the water in the episode "The Broken Man," seeing Arya staggering through the streets clenching her bloodied body was almost too much to bear.

6. Jumping Out The Window

Speaks for itself — but let me add, holy crap. Those reflexes would be impressive at any time, but while she was basically mortally wounded? Incredible.

7. Running For Her Life While Bleeding Profusely

In "No One," Arya Stark proves her case for being a contender for the Iron Throne, even if that's not at all on her agenda. But that chase scene between her and the Waif alone was magnificent, and showed a strength and stamina that seemed almost superhuman.

8. Killing The Waif In The Dark

It was such a beautiful and graceful moment when the Waif finally caught up to Arya in her hiding place in the catacombs. The Waif is so sure that she is finally going to take Arya's life, but what does Arya say to the god of death? Not today. I'm sure the moment she took her water-dancer's stance and sliced the head off that candle is one that Syrio Forel would be immensely proud of.

9. Cutting The Waif's Eyes Out

An eye for an eye, baby. The rule of the House of Black and White is not to let anyone suffer when you take their life, but Arya is abandoning ship, so she's not about to follow those rules anymore. Remeber: Valar morghulis.

10. Standing Up To Jaqen

It could have meant certain death, but Arya totes didn't care. Luckily for her, when she pointed Needle at her Jaqen H'ghar, her actions only instead elicited pride from her former mentor.

11. Renouncing Being "No One"

"A girl is Arya Stark of Winterfell, and I'm going home." YAAAAAS, Arya!

With only two episodes left in Season 6, hopefully Arya finds her way back to Westeros, because a girl belongs in Winterfell. The Starks were meant to rule the Seven Kingdoms.

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