These 10 Animals Took Their Own Selfies

If there is one part of the selfie phenomenon that stands out as most peculiar, it's the practice of people posing their pets in such a way that it seems like the pet is taking a selfie. Animal selfies! What will these kids think up next? Though, to be honest, the only reason I haven't tried it with my dogs is because she is old and wouldn't put up with that shit.

Recently, a Balinese monkey took animal selfies to a whole new level. Unlike the dogs and cats that stood by, bemused, as their owners posed them, this monkey actually stole the GoPro video camera of a tourist and took a few selfie shots himself. Probably not on purpose, but hey, he's a monkey who took his own selfie. Way to advance the cause of animal selfie rights!

In his honor, we present our favorite, less spontaneous animal selfies from around the web!

1. This Dog Who Is Super Excited To Be Out And About With Her Camera

2. This Elephant Who Clearly Has The Advantage In Getting The Camera Far Enough Away

3. This Cat Who Proves That Even The Best Of Us Get Photo-Bombed

4. This Dog Who Makes The Mirror Selfie Cool Again

5. This Squirrel Who Doesn't Even Care He's Not In Focus

6. This Dog Who Is Just Chilling. You Know How It Goes.

7. This Dog Who Could Not Be Having More Fun If She Tried

8. This Sloth Who Is So Freaking Cool (And He Knows It)

9. This Cat Who Cannot Handle Anything That Is Happening Right Now So Don't Ask

10. And This Baby Sloth Who Is Just Too Cute I Can't Handle It Guys Oh My God It's a Baby Sloth!

Image: Mochilao.Tv/YouTube; Kat & Dog/flickr; mpmangion/Instagram; BuzzfeedYellow/YouTube; treyman/Imgur; @ameliabartlett1/Twitter; theoriginalgiraffe/Imgur; BuzzfeedYellow/YouTube; BuzzfeedYellow; @Nat_oxox/Twitter