Elizabeth Warren Skewers Donald Trump Perfectly Once Again

On Saturday, Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren played yet another round of what seems to be her favorite game: Donald Trump whack-a-mole. Whatever the presumptive Republican nominee does, whatever he says, and wherever he goes, Warren always seems to be waiting, with another bag of devastating rhetorical bombs to throw. This time, she was speaking at the New Hampshire Democratic Convention, and you can probably guess how it went down ― Elizabeth Warren perfectly skewered Donald Trump yet again, in that unique style that he clearly doesn't care for.

Over the past several weeks, Warren has emerged as the Democratic Party's foremost public critic of Trump, and she's been pressing the attack relentlessly. On Saturday at the state convention in Bedford, as she has before, Warren called the GOP's nominee-in-waiting a "thin-skinned racist," a "small, insecure money-grubber," a "fraudster," and a "bully." She also excoriated him for a long list of business failures ― here's just a little bit of how the subject of all those vice presidential rumors decided to tackle Trump.

Now Trump University failed, and that's no surprise. Think about all those other Trump failures. Trump casinos. Trump Airlines. Trump Steaks. Trump magazines. Trump Vodka. Trump Mortgage. Trump Games. Trump Travel. Trump Ice. Trump Network. Donald Trump is a proven businessman. A proven failure.

The strongest emotional and moral core of Warren's attacks was probably her specific criticisms of Trump University, a program somewhat akin to a wealth seminar that's been the target of multiple lawsuits. Trump himself has staunchly defended Trump University, and has flatly denied any wrongdoing. Here's how Warren characterized it.

Ah, Trump University. Which his own employees explain was just a big lie and a fraudulent scheme. Now, rather than investing in high-quality instructors and counselors to teach classes, Donald Trump put together an army of salespeople, to sell, sell, sell those classes. It was like a used-car dealership, except that's not fair to used-car dealerships. Trump's salespeople ― listen to what he did ― Trump's salespeople would focus on how much money someone could come up with, then push these prospective students to max out all their credit cards, to fork over thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars to Donald. His playbook said: look for people with problems, because they make good targets. Trump even encouraged his salesforce to go after elderly people who were just trying to create a little financial security.

Needless to say, these are pointed and trenchant attacks on Trump's record, and aggressive condemnations of his character on a level that he rarely tolerates from public figures, not without some kind of counter-attack. To this point, however, Trump hasn't mounted much in the way of attacks on Warren's political record, sticking to the slightly juvenile tone he struck throughout the Republican primary. So, like "Lyin' Ted" and "Little Marco," you've now got "Goofy Elizabeth Warren."

Astrid Riecken/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Far more inflammatory, however, are the racial attacks he's made against her. He's taken to calling her "Pocahontas," an attack on Warren's family claims of Native American heritage, as well as a remark crudely offensive towards Native American culture.

Combined with his broad-brush attacks on undocumented Mexican immigrants (he called them "rapists" and "criminals" during his presidential announcement), his proposal to ban all Muslims from entering the United States (he says temporarily) and his fresh round of attacks on Judge Gonzalo Curiel, it's not hard to see why Warren has such an easy time calling him a "thin-skinned racist bully."