Get To Know Michael Dodd, The Newst 'RHOC' Husband

The newest addition to the cast of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Kelly Meza-Dodd, will surely bring some new sparks to the series. But on RHOC, oftentimes the husbands/boyfriends bring just as much controversy to the table, so who is Kelly's husband, Michael Dodd? While it's hard to tell before seeing him on the show what his onscreen personality is like, I think after 10 seasons of Real Housewives of Orange County, it's possible to guess how Michael will fit in and what his role on the show will be.

There are many different ways that Michael could become a part of the cast. He could be like Shannon's husband, David, who may have started as a distant, somewhat angry presence, but has really worked on his relationship with his wife and been willing to do that work on television. Heather's husband, Terry, is a jokester who makes corny dad jokes. Tamra's husband, Eddie, is her partner in business and life, even if they bicker, while Meghan's husband, Jim, alternately supports his wife and chastises her. And of course, Brooks, Vicki's long term boyfriend, was the source of last season's biggest drama. There are tons of paths to choose from when Michael joins the cast, but here's what Kelly's husband is like when he's not on camera.

He's A Devoted Husband

The future reality stars have been married for a while now, and have been married since 2006, so they should celebrate their first decade together this year.

He Has Adorable Daughters

There are a lot of daughters in the OC, and Kelly and Michael will be adding two more to the show. These kids are super adorable and seem very sweet, so they should be adding plenty of cuteness to the Meza-Dodd scenes.

He Could Be Having A Rough Patch With Kelly

Take this with a serious grain of salt, but an anonymous source claimed to Radar Online claims that viewers will see some tension in Michael and Kelly's marriage this season. There's no evidence of that just yet, but anything can happen on TV.

He's Social Media Shy

The cast of RHOC is probably more active online than the average group of middle-aged parents. But Michael, for the moment, isn't one of them. The only social media updates you'll get about him come from his wife.

He Seems To Love A Good Time

Since so much of RHOC revolves around couples activities, it benefits the cast to love going out. It looks like Michael more than meets that criteria, since in all of Kelly's Instagram posts, he is almost always with a group of friends.

He Wasn't Totally Sold On The Show At First

Kelly told People that her husband wasn't sold on the show when she first told him about it, describing him as "kind of hesitant" about the experience. But while Kelly describes her experience as dramatic, she says it was overall a positive one.

Kelly Meza-Dodd is the one who's technically joining the RHOC cast, but her husband, Michael Dodd, will likely also be featured — and judging by what fans already know about the guy, there's a good chance that he'll be taking some of his wife's spotlight.

Image: Joe Scarnici/Bravo