Is Ramsay Dead On 'Game Of Thrones'? There's No Surviving The Dogs

YOU GUYS IT HAPPENED! After living for far too long, Ramsay died on Game of Thrones and at the hands of his own dogs, no less. OK, true, we didn't see the breath leave his body, but there's no surviving a dog attack to the face and arms... and everywhere. After starving his dogs for seven days (because he's an a**hole), he met his end thanks to their sharp teeth. And, thanks to Sansa.

I'm kind of glad that Jon Snow didn't kill Ramsay himself. As he was beating him to a pulp, Jon looked up and saw Sansa and realized she deserved her revenge. In every day life am I a death-for-death advocate? No. But this isn't real life and seeing Sansa get her sweet revenge was so cathartic.

She monologued to Ramsay about how no one would remember him while he sat tied to a chair. Then she set his own starving hounds on him. At first he was convinced they'd stay loyal. But... they didn't, and his face was the first to go. It was the ending fans had dreamed of. He deserved to go out in pain, and Sansa deserved to be the one to deliver it.

Good riddance, Ramsay. I'm not sad to see you go.

Image: HBO