No, Mia Farrow and Philip Roth Did Not Watch 'Sharknado' Together

It was a sight more perfect than Ian Ziering cutting a shark in half with a chainsaw. Mia Farrow's followers were stunned Thursday night when the Rosemary's Baby actress tweeted a picture of herself with author Philip Roth with the caption, "We're watching #sharknado."

Could it be? Did the acclaimed actress and Portnoy's Complaint author really set a date aside to watch Tara Reid embarrass herself on the small screen? Unfortunately, some things really are too good to be true — as critic Glenn Kenny noted Monday morning, Farrow was simply having fun with us.

It's true — Farrow and Roth had enjoyed a dinner together in June, but it was woefully without sharks and tornadoes.

Farrow, likely realizing that a few too many people actually took her joke seriously, quickly deleted the tweet. Still, we can dream friends: I don't know about you, but I'm imagining that the duo tuned into a Mega Python vs. Gatoroid rerun. Or perhaps they were working on a Syfy pitch to turn Human Stain into a film about a chemically enhanced red Kool-Aid drop that fights Gabrielle Carteris?