Walder Frey's Return May Pay Off On 'GoT'

Just when I finally put Robb Stark's death behind me and let myself believe that Cat Stark will never rise again on Game of Thrones as Lady Stoneheart, the show keeps finding ways to remind us of the Red Wedding. Hopefully, some good will come of it. Will the Freys die on Game of Thrones next?

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, in an interview with TVLine, hinted that the finale will have great payoff. "It has to build up," he said. "You have to tell a story, lay the seeds. Then hopefully — and I believe — the payoff is so much better and so much greater, instead of just getting everything at once.” Ramsay Bolton is already dead, what could possibly be more satisfying? Perhaps it has to do with the Starks' other enemy in Westeros, House Frey.

In the promo for "The Winds of Winter," we see Jaime being toasted by Walder Frey. The old man says "the Freys and the Lannisters send their regards," referencing an infamous quote from the Red Wedding. Presumably, Jaime is being celebrated for re-taking Riverrun for House Frey. However, there is no reason for House Lannister to continue to ally with creepy Walker and his creepier family. What if he decides to avenge Catelyn Stark's death himself?

So like, here's the thing. Call me crazy, but I trust Jaime Lannister to do what's right. He may have defended the Red Wedding, that his own father helped orchestrate, in an attempt to manipulate Edmure Tully into giving up Riverrun without a fight. (That is what Brienne asked him to do, don't forget it.) Honestly, I think House Tully would be a better ally for House Lannister in the long run, don't you? I know that I am wishful thinking, but this could be some kind of long con.

If Jaime is not back at King's Landing for Cersei's trial at this point, then something big is going to happen with him. If Walder Frey caught the pointy end of a sword in the the process, I would not complain.

Image: HBO