16 Bookmarks To Add To The Collection, So You Never Have To Fold A Corner Again

From used receipts and scrap pieces of paper to old movie tickets and bobby pins, there isn't anything book-lovers haven't used to avoid dog-earring a book to mark their place. If you're the kind of reader who is constantly fishing around in the bottom of your bag for an appropriate placeholder, maybe it's time you get some new bookmarks to add to your collection, because your books deserve better than an old gum wrapper.

Book-lovers take pride in their collection. They make sure not to break the spines on their paperbacks or get coffee on the end pages of their hardcovers. Their bookshelves are meticulously dusted, and their nightstand is kept far enough away from the window so no book stored their are damaged by the sunlight. Book-lovers care about the way their books look and how well they're preserved, and to them, nothing is worse than a book filled with dog-eared pages. Folding a corner in a book-lovers prized possession would be like keying the side of a car lover's brand new hot rod. It should just never be done.

If you want to make sure your books are kept in good shape and safe from the threat of folded pages, here are 16 bookmarks to add to your collection. You can never have to many.

1. Laser Cut Arrow

Black Arrow Metal Bookmark, $20, Etsy

Bookmarks don't get much more adorable than this tiny laser cut metal arrow. Subtle yet stylish, it's much cuter and more efficient than the ripped notebook paper you usually use.

2. Fingerprint

Fingerprint Bookmark, $6, Barnes & Noble

A practical bookmark that you can wear around your wrist, the Fingerprint keeps track of no only your page, but your line.

3. Crocomark

Crocomark Crocodile Bookmark , $9, Amazon

Just like you when you're in the middle of a good story, this adorable animal bookmark can't wait to bite into the book.

4. Sprout Bookmarks

Sprout Bookmarks, $8, Barnes & Noble

They may be small — and, might I add, quite cute — but these sprout bookmarks get the job done. In a set of six, they can hold your place in all of the books you're reading at once.

5. Stamped Spoon

Stamped Spoon Bookmark, $15, Etsy

A unique bookmark unlike any other, this flattened and stamped antique spoon makes the perfect place holder. Inscribed with words every reader can relate to, this is one bookmark you actually won't lose.

6. Tongue Bookmark

Tongue Bookmark, $8, Smoko

If you're looking for a bookmark that really sticks out, then look no further. This brightly colored tongue-shaped bookmarks will keep your place and make you smile all at once.

7. Personalized Bookmark

Personalized Bookmark, $8, Etsy

If you're sick of people stealing your books, then stick this beautiful personalized bookmark in them, complete with a beaded heart.

8. Personalized Leather Weighted Bookmark

Personalized Leather Weighed Bookmark , $13, Miles Kimball

Another take on the personalized bookmark, these weighted leather ones help hold the book open while you read without damaging the spine. And you thought bookmarks were just for place holding.

9. Lunch Page Clip Bookmarks Set

Lunch Page Clip Bookmarks Set of 4, $5, Barnes & Noble

There are cute bookmarks, and then there are these magnetic ones featuring aw-worthy characters in the shape of burgers, pickles, and more. Can you think of a better bookmark to keep you place on your lunch break? I didn't think so.

10. Lightmark Reading Lamp Bookmark

Lightmark reading Lamp Bookmark , $8, Amazon

Although it won't actually light your pages, this mini reading lamp-shaped bookmark will let you know where you left off.

11. Brass Feather

Brass Feather Bookmark, $0.80+, Etsy

More ornate than any free one you'll find at the library, this brass feather will be the most beautiful bookmark you every own. Delicate and detailed, it looks like the kind of page marker that can only be used with the classics.

12. Paper Clip Ruler Bookmarks

Paper Clip Ruler Bookmarks, $2.90+, Etsy

A multipurpose tool, these delicately designed metal bookmark paperclips double as rulers. You never know when you're going to need to measure the margins, right?

13. Hogwarts House Bookmarks

Hogwarts House Metal Bookmarks , $25, Barnes & Noble

For the serious Harry Potter fan who reads and rereads the series (don't we all?), these gorgeous metal bookmarks are the perfect place holder. The only question is, which house will you chose?

14. Wicked Witch Of The East

Wicked Witch of the East Bookmark, $25, Etsy

The perfect themed bookmark for the next time you read The Wizard of Oz, this handcrafted piece is as cute as it is hilarious.

15. Zipper Bookmark

Zipmark Zipper Bookmark Book Page Holder , $7, Amazon

Fun and flexible, this zipper bookmark will ensure your place is held securely.

16. Paris Magnetic Bookmarks

Paris Magnetic Bookmarks, $6, Papyrus

The perfect set of bookmarks for your travels, these Paris-themed magnets will hold your page and remind you of those magical foreign adventures.

Images: Etsy (7); Amazon (3); Barnes & Noble (4); Smoko; Miles Kimball; Papyrus