What's Leaving Netflix In July 2016? Your Childhood Is Taking A Big Hit

June was a wonderful month to own a Netflix account. Between the premiere of Season 4 of Orange Is The New Black and the addition of films like the 1993 classic, Jurassic Park, and recent Best Picture winner, Spotlight, it's been hard to pick just one thing to watch on any given night. However, in order for the good stuff to keep on coming, the popular streaming network has to cycle out some of the older Netflix content as well. It's sad but true. Movies and television shows are leaving Netflix every month, and there's nothing fans can do about it. When it comes to the list of television shows that are on their way out in July 2016, you might want to hide your inner child. Television shows for the large and small will soon be off the streaming radar.

Time is ticking, you guys, and the introduction of even more new content on its way. So, start filling up your queue for the rest of June, and cancel any weekend plans you may have had after watching Orange Is The New Black Season 4, because here are just a few of the most notable television shows and movies that Netflix is saying goodbye to come July 2016.

1. Medium (7 Seasons)

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Patricia Arquette stole everyone's hearts as the super mom she was in the popular-'00s series, Medium. If you still haven't experienced it for yourself, time is running out. Even Allison Dubois couldn't have predicted this one.

2. Numb3rs (6 Seasons)

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When looking for a crime show to watch on Netflix, you can never go wrong with Numb3rs. But, as of July 1, those days will be gone, so get that time in quick.

3. Zoboomafoo (1 Season)

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Well, the nostalgia was good while it lasted. Netflix announced that one entire season of Zoboomafoo will be exiting come July 1.

4. Notting Hill

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If there is one movie you need to watch over and over again before it leaves, this is it.

5. Caillou (Season 5)

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That theme song though.

6. The Flintstones (1994)

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Because every good cartoon needs a live action movie.

7. Drive Me Crazy

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Britney Spears may not star in it, but I will forever associate this film with her.

8. Mister Rogers' Neighborhood (Volume 1)

Mister Rogers' Neighborhood joins the ranks of the shows from your childhood set to completely disappear as well. You might need some tissues and a hug to say goodbye to this one.

9. Reading Rainbow (Volume 1)

While I'm at it, I might as well rip your heart out even more by letting you know that the very show that taught most of us how to read will be disappearing from Netflix on July 1, too.

Netflix may have sparred us from the losses of our favorite movies, but, when it comes to television, July 1 will be one big kick in the gut to our childhoods. Relive those memories now. Next month will be here before you know it.

Editor's Note: This article has been updated from its original version.

Images: DHX Media