The Six Stages Of Getting Ready For A Date — VIDEO

Even if you're meeting up with friends who have seen you in every state, from sweatpants chic to low-key stylish to I-paid-a-professional-to-look-this-good glam, there is still a lot of psychological investment involved around getting dressed to go out. And when you're getting dressed for a date (and hopefully a hot one), multiply this process — and your outfit anxiety — by 10.

My personal pre-date ritual has always involved emptying the entire contents of my closet onto the floor in a pile, tearing apart said pile for an item I'll never find, settling for something I've already worn the past week, redoing my eyeliner at least three times, and finishing off with a mini existential crisis.

According to a new BuzzFeedYellow video which shows one girl's pre-date process, I'm actually not unique in my preparations, but am an almost obnoxiously normal human woman. In fact, it's almost as if scientists studied human dating rituals to reveal these six stages of getting dressed for a date, from messing with your hair 37 times, to realizing that dating is a complete and utter waste of time, to finally looking in the mirror, realizing that you're actually pretty cute, and that you might actually deserve love after all.

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Images: BuzzFeedYellow/YouTube