Bangarang! Check Out This 'Hook' Remake

by Mallory Schlossberg

Bangarang, indeed! If you're nostalgic for a classic piece of HISTORY from the 90's, look no further than this remake of the classic fight scene from Hook — featuring the real Rufio, Dante Basco!

If you didn't know, Homemade Movies is the awesome new YouTube series from Cinefix that recreates classic moments from the public's favorite movies, like this movie from Steven Spielberg's epic canon. The group tackles scenes from films both old and new (and the 90s! Is that a category?). Recently, they've recreated Mr. and Mrs. Smith's hight scene and the Robocop trailer. It's literally shot for shot, and freaking ENDEARING and WONDERFUL.

So in the delightful confection, Dante Basco makes a well-deserved comeback reprising his role as Rufio in this shot-for-shot recreation of the classic fight scene. Suddenly, all of the nostalgia and joy that I felt watching this movie that was otherwise under-appreciated by the general public and critically panned, has returned! The fact that it's shot in a driveway definitely makes me want to go retro, back to my childhood, and recreate moments in Clueless…anyone want to join?

Anyway, the fight scene itself is so much fun to watch, but Homemade Movies also has given us some more sheer joy, by providing us with a side-by-side demonstration of their recreation with the original scene, and also a pretty great behind the scenes featurette. Don't you just love Youtube and the Internet? Makes you feel like a lost girl/boy again!

Here's the recreation of the scene:

Here's the delightful side-by-side edition:

And the behind the scenes version:

Image: Amblin Entertainment/TriStar Pictures