Someone Made Wine For Your Cat

If you’ve ever thought, “Damn, I wish I could get drunk with my cat” (and who hasn’t?), then today is your best day. A Denver, Colorado, company has created “Pinot Meow,” a wine for cats. That’s right: Wine for cats. The next time you and your cat both have one of those days, you can both come home, pour yourself a hefty glass of wine, and complain about your coworkers to your hearts' content.

Pinot Meow and its white-wine corollary, MosCATo (of course), were developed by Apollo Peak. Though marketed as a “feline snack wine,” the wines don’t actually contain any alcohol. (According to Apollo Peak’s FAQ, “Cats don't really have a positive taste for alcohol, mainly because they tend to make bad decisions and do things they don't necessarily remember the next morning.”) Instead, Pinot Meow derives its color from fresh beets, and the wine contains catnip, the herb widely known for making cats completely lose their minds. Interestingly, Apollo, the company’s spokes-cat (of course), “wrote” in a blog post that catnip only has that effect on cats when they smell it. When they eat it (or, in this case, drink it), they tend to get lethargic. So you can your cat and drink wine and mellow out together. #LifeGoals

If all of this feline revelry is making you dog lovers out there feel left out, take heart. Apollo Peak’s website says they’ve got something for dogs in the works. Pupernet Sauvignon? Sauvignon Bark? I can only hope.

Images: Apollo Peak/Instagram (3)