Tia Shipman From 'WAGS' Is Making Headlines With Her Own Career

Last summer's WAGS had an explosive first season, and now that the E! reality show has returned for a second season, the cast has expanded slightly to accommodate two additional cast members, Tia Shipman and Sophia Pierson. E! previously announced that the ladies would make their debut sometime this season, and I think Tia Shipman on WAGS Season 2 will prove to be a good addition to the cast. Tia is currently dating a member of the Washington Redskins. TMZ speculates that her BF is Greg Toler, and FabWags claims that from the hints she's dropped, he fits. The real answer won't be revealed until Tia decides to share is on WAGS.

She's going to be a great addition to the cast, and even though she's not married just yet, there's no way to tell whether or not she'll wind up siding with Natalie, Olivia, Nicole, and Sophia, or Autumn, Ashley, Sasha, and now Barbie, when the inevitable "wives" versus "non-wives" conflicts begin. But, while she's playing coy with her boyfriend's identity, there's plenty of things that are already public knowledge about Tia Shipman — and I think you'll like what you see.

She's A Model With A Ton Of National Campaigns

You've probably seen Tia in campaigns for Macy's over the past few years, in both commercials and in print ads. That's a high profile gig that must come with a great paycheck — so Tia is not relying on her boyfriend's salary.

She's Ready For Her Closeup

She's already signing autographs on her Instagram, so I think she has reason to believe that she's going to become famous. I sense this might be a dramatic debut for Tia.

She's Also An Actress

Tia has played roles on several TV shows, including Grandfathered and White Collar , and has a recurring role on The Bold and the Beautiful on CBS.

And, She's Been On Reality TV Before

In the fifth season of Project Runway, Tia competed as one of the models, working with designer Leanne Marshall, who wound up winning the season. That means Tia also won the season, and was featured in Marshall's Elle spread.

She's Been All Over The World

She spent some time in Dubai a little more than a year ago, and frequently travels around the world. Tia's a worldly lady!

She Has Some Serious Sideye In Her Talking Head Interviews

Not sure who's going to be on the receiving end of that cuteye, but I'd watch out if I was them. Looks like Tia will not be pleased with someone in the cast, or will be judging someone pretty harshly.

Tia is the best possible person who could join WAGS Season 2 — she's smart, she knows what she's doing, and she's going to be totally unpredictable once the season starts.