The 2014 Oscar Best Picture Nominees as Pixar Films are, Well, Perfect

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Well if this isn't just the most adorably perfect mash-up of things we've seen all day! Imagine a world wherein your favorite movies — or at least the 2014 Oscar-nominated ones — were made by Pixar. Replacing every actor would be a lovable rat, a talking dog, some over-eager superheros, or even a robot or two. It would be, in a word, glorious (if you just so happen to be a child or lover of adorably charming things).

Luckily, we need not rely on our own imaginations to find out what that world would look like, because Todd Spence over at Break has done the heavy-lifting for us, transforming all 10 of the 2014 Oscar Best Picture nominees into Pixar-ilzed posters.

You can head over there to see all 10, but first why not take a look at our 5 favorites and the mash-up films we've imagined to go along with them, eh?

Image: Todd Spence

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