Things You Should Never Do To Your Bikini Line

When it comes to grooming, there are plenty of things that you should never do to your bikini line. It's a sensitive region that deserves a lot of love and respect. Don't just start weed-wacking, and hope for the best. Chances are, your results won't be too comfortable. Instead, start taking proper care of your bikini line by knowing what's best for it and what's not. Trust me, there is a lot that can go wrong when it comes to landscaping down there.

For starters, razor burn and ingrown hairs are known side effects of improper hair removal. However, did you know that infections and other skin irritations can occur along your bikini line, too? It's true. Whether it's an waxing gone awry or a mismanaged shaving job, there are several ways that your sensitive bikini line can become harmed or damaged.

Lessen your chances of an unfortunate incident by learning the basics of bikini line care. It's the easiest way to keep your bikini line smooth and healthy this summer. Wondering what the do's and don'ts of bikini care are? Here are 11 things that you should never do to your bikini line.

1. Use Certain Hair Removal Cream Near Your Genitals

Remember, not all hair removal creams are created equal. If you're going to be using one to remove any unwanted hair near your bikini line, be sure that the formula you choose is made specifically for that region. Otherwise, you risk possible skin irritation or even infection, according to The Telegraph.

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2. Get Drunk Before A Wax

According to the Huffington Post, it isn't smart to drink prior to waxing. Alcohol is a known blood thinner, and can cause the area to be more sensitive. However, a margarita post-wax is always encouraged in my book.

3. Have Sex After You Wax

Even though you'll be freshly groomed, it isn't a good idea to get down right after a wax. In fact, Elle reported that many medical experts recommend to abstain from sexual activity for up to 48 hours after a wax. According to the article, this time period is when you are most susceptible to infection and outside bacteria.

4. Forget To Exfoliate Often

Exfoliating prior to shaving and waxing is integral for keeping ingrown hairs at bay. The process allows you to remove any dead skin cells that could potentially wreck havoc on new hair growth. Keep your bikini feeling its best by using a gentle exfoliant or loofa prior to any hair removal.

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5. Shaving What You Can't See

When it comes to grooming your bikini line, Women's Health suggested that if you can't see it, don't shave it. The risk involved is just large for potential cuts and scrapes.

6. Use An Old Razor

Overtime, razors can become dull and even rusty. Shape reported that you can lessen your chances of possible cuts and infections by using clean, new razors every time you shave your bikini line. Simple enough!

7. Dry Shaving

When you shave, you're not just removing unwanted – you're shaving the top layer of your skin as well. Doing this while the skin is dry can leave it dry and irritated. Give your skin a little wiggle room by using a moisturizing shaving cream or gel when you shave.

8. Use A Razor With Only One Blade

According to Women's Health, using a razor with multiple blades allows you to remove unwanted hair with less force on the skin. Essentially, you can get a better, closer shave by using a razor with multiple blades.

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9. Forget To Moisturize

Replenishing your skin's moisture barrier post-shave is absolutely essential for warding off dry skin and irritation, according to Shape.

10. Wear Tight Clothing Post Shave

According to WebMD, you should let your freshly groomed bikini line breathe after you've shaved or waxed. As the skin is still sensitive, it's more susceptible to chafing, bacteria, and moisture than normal. Give it a little breathing room by wearing cotton underwear and looser fitting clothing.

11. Pop An Ingrown Hair

Repeat after me: Don't pop an ingrown hair. Seriously, trying to perform a DIY surgery on the bump can lead to an infection. Instead, WebMD recommended to use salicylic acid to help exfoliate and alleviate the ingrown hair.

Don't go messing around with a good thing. Keep your bikini line looking and feeling its best by giving it a little extra TLC when grooming.

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