What Will Happen To Anton Yelchin's Unreleased Films? They May Serve As A Fitting Memory To The Young Actor's Career

While we continue to process the sudden death of Anton Yelchin, we're left with many tributes and questions in the wake of the shocking news. The outpouring of love for Yelchin has come in quickly and abundantly. Both fans and entertainers alike have taken to social media to express their shock over the sudden loss of an actor known for his warmth, wit and intelligence. Yelchin's body of work was a healthy mix of prestige projects (Star Trek, Terminator: Salvation) and independent film (Like Crazy, The Beaver), allowing him to remain out of the Hollywood spotlight and, in doing so, becoming famous in a untraditional way. Known for his deft talents onscreen, embraced by those who knew him as a good-natured man off camera, the one thing repeated in many tributes is the potential contributions to film Yelchin still had yet to make.

Which leaves me wondering what will happen to the body of work Yelchin leaves behind. It may come as a surprise that given Yelchin's short career, he had racked up over 60 acting credits. To think of the many more that were waiting to be seized by him is a nearly unbearable thought. Luckily, the credits he did snag that still remain unreleased will surely come with some much-deserved fanfare. The upcoming Star Trek: Beyond will drop this summer and I expect that the press tour will have a more somber aspect to it, with inevitable questions focused on Yelchin's performance getting mixed in with the usual inquiries. According to Yelchin's IMDb page, there are still a few prominent projects in the pipeline. He has four films currently listed as either complete or in post-production, with the latter signalling there is still a chance his performance will be included in the film. Ranging from drama to sci-fi with stellar casts, there is no doubt that the work left on the digital frame from Yelchin will be warmly embraced by the public.

Curiously, the television series Yelchin was starring in, Trollhunters, has been removed from his list of upcoming projects. A collaborative effort with Guillermo del Toro, the show would have been Yelchin's first major television role in ten years. There's no word yet on why this removal happened or what this will mean for Yelchin's involvement with the show.

In times like this, when we face the unexpected death of an entertainer, it feels only natural that we as a society look towards the work of the person we've lost as a way to keep their spirit alive. While Yelchin's body of work serves as an incredible exhibit of his range, it will be his posthumous work that will perhaps take root more deeply in our hearts. In watching his posthumous work, we'll be continually reminded of the emotional depths Yelchin was capable of plumbing and the potential career that once lay before him. This will not be a practice done in vain; it's only right that we remember Yelchin through his films and through the many different lives he portrayed.

Images: Movieclips Trailers/Youtube