Kylie Jenner Is Already Selling Her Mansion

Sometimes it's hard to remember that Kylie Jenner is a teenager. It becomes almost impossibly hard when the 18-year-old lip kit extraordinaire does things like sell her very first, 4,851 square-foot mansion just over a year after moving in. Doesn't it just make you say "same"? According to real estate website Trulia, Jenner is selling her Calabasas mansion (which frequently appears on her Snapchat and boasts things like a "gated private entrance," "a glam room," and a movie theater) for a cool $3.9 million. I'm remembering my own first apartment hunt and weeping for myself right now. It involved requirements like "not a sixth-floor walkup" and ensuring that it came equipped with a full-size refrigerator.

Of course, when you're Kylie Jenner, you can afford the luxe things in life. Considering those Kylie Lip Kits have been flying off the shelves, Jenner could clearly go for an upgrade here. Trulia reports that the reality star has purchased a home in "the ritzy Hidden Hills" for just over $6 million. That manse is almost double the size of her first (7,040 square feet) and contains a whopping six bedrooms and seven bathrooms. The fact that my studio apartment has one decent-sized bathroom (with a full tub, I might add) was one of the biggest selling points for me. Damn you, Kylie.

As Jenner settles into her new bachelorette pad, let's take some time to remember her first starter home. That baby (pictured here) has "a dramatic master retreat with a spacious walk-in closet, seating area, and separate shoe/purse closet," Trulia states. Considering the fact that my entire apartment is about the size of Jenner's walk-in closet, the idea of having two closets — one just for shoes — is pretty much unfathomable.

The five-bed, seven-bath mansion, which looks positively regal at sunset, has me wanting to move cross-country, settle in California, and just bathe in the money I make off of my very own lip trend. Still, as I sit here on my Jennifer Convertibles couch in my studio apartment in Manhattan, I'm reminded that everyone will always be looking up — there will always be people who can afford more and do more — but what I have is pretty darn cool, too. It may not be a luxe mansion in L.A. (#dreams), but it's pretty badass all on its own.

Images: Trulia