9 Celibacy-Inspiring Craigslist Casual Encounters Ads That Could Have Used A Good Editor

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Look, I am all about celebrating kink. "Weird," taboo sex is great sex as long as everyone involved agrees — let's keep it safe, sane, and consensual, kids! I also think Craigslist causal encounters are sort of hot and liberating in theory, and would likely be very into them if I weren't in a relationship. (What? A girl gets bored in her studio apartment.)

But even though "You do you" is basically my motto for all things sexual, some casual encounter ads are even too extreme for me. And look! I've collected nine such ads for your reading enjoyment. Some of these are ads are funny, some of them are a unsettling, and — I guess this is the real issue — near all of them could have used a damn good editor. Click through and wince/judge/shop for chastity rings with me. NSFW, and trigger warning for sexual violence.

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