Paul Abrahamian's Tattoos Show Off The 'Big Brother 18' Houseguest's Rock & Roll Lifestyle

Some people are most attracted to a guy for their eyes or hair. For me? It's all about the beard. So imagine my delight when Big Brother 18 announced this season's 12 new houseguets and the incredibly bearded Paul Abrahamian was one of them. For those that don't know (I certainly didn't), Paul has got some serious hustle – he's got his own tattoo-inspired clothing line along with an impressive collection of art on his own body. He's pretty proud of his beard, which I can't exactly fault him for, and as we learned in his CBS Big Brother bio, Paul Abrahamian has lead a pretty rock n' roll life. Between his hardcore music past with a band called REVIVER and his impressive line of clothing known as Dead Skull Apparel, the guy has got a very specific aesthetic only underlined by his awesome inks. But what are Paul's tattoos?

To determine that, I committed to some devoted stalking of the BB18 contestant's Instagram (and hey, it was a tough job, but someone had to do it). What I found, as I sifted through his beard-tastic photos, were not only some pretty awesome tattoos, but the wildly talented artists behind them.

It's clear that the guy's got a penchant for black and white, and thanks to the generally low quality of Snapchat's camera, it's pretty hard to make out exactly what we're looking at here. We do get a good look at the impressive eagle blazoned across his chest, but the real prize in this less-than-perfect snap is the artist responsible for it.

That artist is Miryam Lumpini, a 23 year-old freelance tattoo artist that specializes in beautiful, colorful artwork that displays talent far beyond her years. The fun part of this is that a while ago, Miryam actually posted about the work she'd done on Paul — which apparently was done freehand. (I know!)

This earlier snap looks to be cover-up work for one of Paul's existing tattoos – something that Miryam skillfully worked around to create an awesome snake wraparound surrounding his existing ink.

In new tattoo news, Paul spun a terrifying near-death accident into the beautiful piece of ink above, courtesy of Nicholas Lee, a tattoo artist based in NYC and SF that churns out gorgeous, monochromatic pieces.

And below is one of Paul's simpler tattoos, a phrase on his ankle that seems pretty fitting, done by Sean from Texas.

We might have to wait until the Big Brother 18 premiere to get a better peek at the rest of Paul's body art, but from what I have seen, I'm sure it's all just as beautiful.

Image: Monty Brinton/CBS