How Snapchat Chooses Your "Best Friends"

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Since Snapchat is quickly becoming the social media app to rule all apps, there are a few things we should learn to better use it. Filters, hacks, tips and even tricks are all swirling around in one giant mess. But one important question still goes unanswered: how does Snapchat choose your "best friends"? Is it an algorithm, luck of the draw, or just random chance?

If you are wondering what on earth I am talking about then you should open your app. Take a photo, add some text and filter the crap out of it. Now that you are ready to send, click the blue arrow at the bottom right of the screen. You will be taken to a page where all of your contacts are. You can send it to your story so that everyone can see your work, or you can look a little lower to the exclusive category called "best friends". Depending on your social media activity, you might have a lot of names in that category or a few. But how do you get people on this list? Is there a secret Snapchat bouncer I have to lie to in order to get a shot? It's actually a lot less complicated then you would imagine.

Snapchat monitors and keeps track of who you are constantly sending pictures to. According to their support page, the best friend category changes everyday depending on who you interact most with. This makes perfect sense because if you keep sending your photos to one person, typing out their username or scrolling through your entire contact list can be a bore. This way you have their name right under your fingertips — super convenient.

This list fluctuates with use. If you send a lot of pictures to your friend one day, you can expect them on the list. If you decide not to use Snapchat yourself, but get a lot of pictures from your best friend directly, you can expect the list to reflect that as well. It's simple logic that actually really works.

Since you are interacting with certain people in your contacts more, it's logical to think that you want their names closer to the top — easily accessible. And if they are the ones sending you photos you want to respond to them quicker. In case you want to change up the list, guess no more. All you have to do to is start sending snaps to the people you want in your friends list. Below is a video breaking this down for you.

Basically, what the video shows is that it's fun easy and totally doable. So go out there and take some snaps!

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