Here's How You Should Be Brushing Curly Hair

Plenty of people have sworn off brushing their hair these days, preferring a more lived-in look and fearing breakage, but if you have curly hair, you might be extra skittish around hair brushes. So what's the deal? Should you brush curly hair? You may have good reason to fear that brush.

I have naturally wavy hair, and for several years, I didn't even own a hair brush. I finally caved when I read brushing your hair is a good way to help distribute oils that build up at the roots, but it definitely doesn't do any favors for my waves. But is it actually bad to brush wavy/curly hair? As it turns out, it's more than just a cosmetic preference. Brushing your curls can damage your hair.

As you know, brushing curly/wavy hair pulls the curls out, which may or may not look cute to you depending on how you like your hair styled, and in doing so, it also creates frizz. Frizz on it's own is not cosmetically pleasing, but it goes a step further. Frizz can cause tangles, which leads to breakage, and though that is a risk with all hair types, it's especially so with curly hair, because it naturally runs on the dry side. Yikes.

But curls can often be unruly and unpredictable, so instead of reaching for a hair brush on those occasions, here are a few tips for managing your curls that don't involve brushing.

1. Finger Comb

If your hair feels tangly, work through them with your fingers instead of brushing.

2. Dry With A Diffuser

Revlon, $6.99, Walgreens

To enhance your curl, dry your hair with a diffuser and don't use a brush. If your hair is already dry and you need to revive your curls, the diffuser will help define them.

3. Grab Your Curling Iron

Remington, $11.99, Walgreens

Of course, you want to make sure you protect your hair first with a heat protectant, but if your curls are just not behaving, tame them with a curling iron.

4. Rock A Messy Bun

Put your hair up in a messy bun while you're getting ready and take it down when you're heading out. It will help bring back body and bounce to your curls.

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