Hannibal Buress Joins 'Spider-Man: Homecoming,' But Who Will He Play? — REPORT

Your favorite "al dente dentist" is joining the Marvel Universe, according to a report from The Wrap. As reported on Monday, Hannibal Buress has joined Spider-Man: Homecoming, rounding out a cast that includes Tom Holland as the titular Spidey/Peter Parker, Michael Keaton as a still-unnamed villain, Marisa Tomei as a "cool, hip aunt" version of the iconic Aunt May, and Disney Channel's Zendaya as the film's female lead. Though Holland's Peter and Tomei's Aunt May were both seen in Captain America: Civil War, none of the other Spider-Man: Homecoming cast members made an appearance, which means that Buress' role in the upcoming movie is a huge question mark. It's time to start speculating as to what role Buress might be tackling in Spider-Man: Homecoming, because as of now, the Marvel Universe has this part under lock and key.

One potential role for Buress to fill is that of The Daily Bugle editor John Jonah Jameson, who was portrayed by J.K. Simmons in the Sam Raimi Spider-Man trilogy. According to ScreenRant, Jameson will be cast in Spider-Man: Homecoming , though who will play him is still a mystery. Though ScreenRant reports that Ice Cube was considered for the part, Buress would definitely be an interesting choice for the role. Unlike Simmons' fast-talking interpretation of the character, the perpetually-chill Buress could warp the character into a more lax person. Maybe The Daily Bugle could change too — instead of a traditional newspaper, Jameson could run a Gawker-esque news site looking for live streaming video of New York's Spider-Man. Fans on Twitter think it's possible:

Of course, given the vastness of the Marvel Universe, there are a ton of options for who Buress might be playing in the upcoming film — for all we know, Buress might have been asked to play a yet-to-be-unveiled CGI character. Still, I think I'm leaning towards the theory that Buress will be asked to play Jameson — his interpretation of the character would be so different from Simmons, and given that this flick needs to do its best to stand out from the just-cancelled Amazing Spider-Man franchise, that could be a great thing.