Beyonce Stays Very Committed To 'Lemonade' While On Vacation In Hawaii — PHOTOS

It has been nearly two months since the release of Beyoncé's visual album Lemonade and right when I start feeling like I am ready to move on to something else, I find something new in the lyrics and visuals of Lemonade that makes me stick with it. It is like a gift that keeps on giving, and it sure seems like Bey is still taking this concept album idea to other levels, as evidenced by her recent holiday outfit choices. During a Father's Day vacation to Hawaii with Jay Z and Blue Ivy, Beyoncé wore lemon themed outfits, proving she's one of the most committed and clever pop stars out there (and probably ever).

Bey has been on the road since late April, and the family took some time to celebrate her break from her Formation World Tour before it heads to Europe in another week and to celebrate Father's Day. And, seriously, what better way to do that then by frolicking on the beach in Hawaii? Naturally, being the perfectionist and committed artist that she is, Bey probably knew she would be photographed (because that is just part of her life) and took this opportunity to further advertise her album Lemonade. And she looked pretty flawless and carefree while doing so.

Bey makes everything seem so chill and relaxed and easy, even when she's low-key still representing her own album. She wore a gorgeous, multi-colored, long-sleeved bathing suit with various tropical prints, accessorized with a lemon necklace and a floral crown dotted with... more lemons. Now, I have to admit that yellow has been my ultimate favorite color since I was a little girl and these outfits are kind of a dream come true.

She topped of her ensemble with a bright yellow cover-up before she changed into a gorgeous white, lemon printed dress, that looked very familiar to her yellow Roberto Cavalli dressed she rocked during the "Hold Up" portion of Lemonade. Was this all a coincidence? I'd say probably not, because Bey always seems to know exactly what she's doing, but hey, it looks really good.

Another interesting detail I took from this lemon-themed Hawaiian vacay was that it did happen to be on Father's Day weekend, and she was spotted in major PDA with her hubby, Jay Z. I took this is a strong stance from Bey in saying that she's unbothered by the rumors about her and Jay's marriage, and that they are still together and celebrating — even if Lemonade made everyone think otherwise.

All I can say is that yellow looks amazing on her, and the couple looks as happy as ever with their daughter, Blue Ivy. Life is good for Beyoncé, and she's clearly also celebrating her other baby, Lemonade, as her tour continues to take over the world.

Image: causeislay/Tumblr