Lin-Manuel Miranda & 'Hamilton' Might Be Appearing At The Last Event You'd Expect

The Broadway smash hit Hamilton is set in New York ("the greatest city in the world"), but the show might be making a temporary move to the City of Brotherly Love. Lin-Manuel Miranda, the creator and current star of the show, is reportedly in talks with the Democratic National Committee to stage a performance of Hamilton at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia next month. The move is reportedly being orchestrated to draw publicity for the convention, which comes just after the potentially more exciting Republican National Convention. According to Politico, which first broke the story, the Democrats expect the Republican convention to be a "four-day reality show," and the pressure is on for the Democrats to deliver the same kind of entertaining and engaging event.

The cast of Hamilton has plenty of experience dealing with major political players by now. Miranda and the cast have gotten to meet and perform for dozens of high-profile politicians, including President Obama, Bernie Sanders, and the Clinton family. They even opened the Richard Rodgers Theatre on a special night to hold a fundraiser for the Democratic National Committee, where tickets went for $5,000 each. Since the cast already has a relationship with the Democratic Party and it's a pretty easy drive from New York to Philadelphia, there's a good chance that the show will go on from the DNC main stage.

Miranda is an outspoken Democrat who hasn't thrown away his shot to make some serious political statements during his time in the spotlight. His father, Luis Miranda, is a professional political operative and a big name in the New York Democratic Party. Just in the last few months, Lin has freestyled from the Rose Garden, lobbied for Puerto Rican debt relief, and made an impassioned speech for the LGBTQ community while accepting a Tony Award for Hamilton. Another chance to advocate for his beliefs in front of the national party doesn't seem like an opportunity he can miss.

But If you're about to buy plane tickets to Philly to see Hamilton perform live, hold off for just a bit. Miranda is scheduled to leave the show on July 9 and film the new Mary Poppins movie in London while the convention is going on, so this is far from set in stone. And if the performance does happen, then maybe it'll be televised, so you could watch a lot more easily from your couch.