"My Ovaries Exploded" Is Your New Summer Jam

Improv performers Rachel Rosenthal and Katy Berry have delivered the ovary-themed summer jam you didn’t know you’ve been waiting for your whole life. Their music video for the song “My Ovaries Exploded” will have you bobbing your head, rapping along, and possibly also clutching your sides involuntarily. Because emotions? They are violent.

Women say “My ovaries just exploded” all the time, not to signify that they are in severe medical distress, but to indicated that they are so overwhelmed by cuteness that their reproductive organs have detonated like estrogen-fueled bombs. Urban Dictionary offers this definition:

The phrase "my ovaries just exploded" is a reference mostly said by women after seeing an adorable baby or small child. The idea behind it is very similar to the other closely related definitions (seeing/sensing someone attractive and thus producing more estrogen); however, this is specifically tied to a biological drive or need for bearing children. This is not to say someone using this phrase wants to have a child, or doesn't already, but it is an exclamatory statement proving how incredibly physiologically motivating seeing adorable children are on those desires.

Rosenthal and Berry, both cast members at North Coast, a hip-hop improv group in New York, set this sentiment to music, creating surprisingly catchy ovary-hip-hop anthem. (I recommend that you go ahead and watch the video before scrolling down, so as not to ruin its amazing/gruesome punch line.)

In the song, Rosenthal and Berry describe various ovary-shattering stimuli. They meet an adorable terrier in the park. “Are you a four-legged angel sent from above?” Berry asks, echoing the feelings I have virtually every single time I meet a creature that looks vaguely dog-like.

Berry raps, “You’re perfect, I whispered as a tear began rollin,’ then the doggie kissed my nose…

… and my ovaries EXPLODED."

Can I just say that this is my new favorite GIF ever of all time? I want to attach it to every email I send for the rest of my life.

The song doesn’t stop at adorable puppies. Other things that will cause ovaries to spontaneously combust include

  • Tiny baby shoes
  • A kitten in a cardboard box
  • Baby elephants falling over
  • Lambs frolicking
  • President Obama reading to small children.

That last one gets me EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

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