The Most Popular Dating For Women Is...

Picking the best dating app for you can be hard. Realistically, lots of people are on more than just one. So I should probably say that picking the right two or three datings apps can be hard. And you really should find a couple that you like, or else you're just going to drown in a sea of dating apps, each of which you open every few days. So I'd suggest narrowing it down.

But which dating app is right for you? An old favorite? A niche one that caters to your love of Lebanese food and sky diving? The hippest one? If you're looking for a tip on which apps to log onto, seeing how other women are dating are always helpful. Maybe they're on to something. And, if you're looking to play a numbers game, you could always avoid the ones that are too popular and find less densely-populated waters.

Luckily, however you want to use it, SurveyMonkey has figured out the most popular dating sites among women. Interestingly, there were only three apps where there were more female users than male, so that's something to keep in mind. It would be nice to see some stats on queer users but this is still useful— and there were definitely some surprises.

Here were the most popular dating apps for women, because there are only a few where we really run the world:

1. Christian Mingle

Christian Mingle had a whooping 58.6 percent female users, putting it at the head of the pack. Although with its religious slant, it's one of the more niche ones, but it's definitely female-heavy.

2. Coffee Meets Bagel

Right behind Christian Mingle with a 57.3 percent female right was Coffee Meets Bagel. With such a high percentage and open to all denominations, if you're looking for a female-friendly one this is a good bet.

3. Eharmony

With 55.2 percent women, Eharmony was the only other app with more women than men on board.

4. OkCupid

48.3 percent of OkCupid users were women, which is obviously just under half, but it's still really popular among women and one my friends are a fan of.

5. Bumble

I sort of thought Bumble would be the highest, because of it's feminist vibe, but actually with 46.2 percent of female users it's more popular among men.

6. Match

With 44.7 percent of Match users being women, Match came in at sixth on the list.

7. Tinder

Tinder is the most popular, user-wise, of all the dating apps, but with 43.3 percent of their users being women, it's definitely got more fellas swiping.

Bonus: Grindr

Yes, it was the last on the list, but 6.8 percent of Grindr users were women. Which is 6.8 percent higher than I would have thought, so there we have it. The more you know.

Images: Fotolia; Giphy