9 Memes For International Yoga Day

Today might not be a holiday as recognizable as Christmas or Valentine's Day, but June 21 is still notable as International Yoga Day. (It's also Chris Pratt's birthday, which is undoubtedly another cause for celebration.) Thousands of yoga practitioners are getting their "om" on today, and whether you're a casual yogi or a hardcore yoga-lover, these International Yoga Day memes are definitely good for a few laughs. But in all seriousness, this day is an important one — practicing yoga provides a host of benefits, from same-day advantages like anxiety reduction to long-term perks like healthy bones and lower blood pressure.

But, just like any other method of exercise and meditation, it has its peculiarities. If you've ever been to a yoga class, you're probably familiar with some of these thoughts: "Wait, how did the instructor get her arm behind her head like that?" "That girl's leggings are so much more rad than mine." "I look incredibly silly trying to hold this pose." "My stomach keeps grumbling. This is so embarrassing. Can anybody else hear it?" "Ooh, I just saw my butt in the mirror, and I look gooood." None of which are thoughts that will actually calm your mind, or help you attain that extra inch of flexibility to hit a pose. But, because we're human, we all have ideas like these drifting around our brains when we're practicing yoga. And, with a little humility and distance, those thoughts can even seem funny. Here are a few of the best memes out there, from people who understand your yoga struggles.

1. When you go to hot yoga

OK, I've never actually been. But my friends tell me it's like ascending to another spiritual plane.

2. When you go to class for the first time

I thought yoga was supposed to be about tranquility and patience, but instead it feels like my muscles are trying to separate themselves from my body.

3. When yoga gets your insides moving

Just fart away and hope that the music is loud enough to cover up the evidence.

4. When you pretend to be a Jedi while practicing

"Now I'd like everyone to gently tip forward and explore Half I Am Your Father pose."

5. When you shoot for the stars and miss hard

OK. I got this. Just let me loop my leg back around and OH MY GOD WHY DOES THAT HURT SO MUCH.

6. When you're just trying to breath

If these kittehs can do it, you can do it.

7. When you're tired of excuses

Not to mention it's incredibly relaxing and just generally amazing for improving personal wellness.

8. When you've found your zen

We could all learn a thing or two from this dog.

9. When you've got your priorities right

If you need some inspiration to roll out your mat today and get your muscles moving, check out these top-notch quotes on practicing yoga.

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