She Won An Important Award

Last night, Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato attended the unite4:good and Variety’s unite4:humanity Gala in Culver City, Calif. Both of the artists were honored, with Gomez receiving the Young Humanitarian Award and Lovato receiving the Young Luminary Award. Gomex has been an ambassador for UNICEF since she was 17-years-old, as an advocate for humanitarian aid and emergency relief in underdeveloped countries.

In Gomez's speech, she thanks her family and UNICEF for being able to give back, and also thanks Lovato — but may have taken a huge jab at Justin Bieber while doing so. Gomez says:

The fact that were here at 21-years-old and we've always talked about using our voice to help this generation ... Sometimes I feel like we're the only ones holding the fort and I'm so thankful for [Lovato] to inspire me every day, Gomez says. I hope that we can together completely inspire this generation to focus on what's really important.

Gomez may have wanted Bieber to hear this speech loud and clear, since she put an emphasis on her age. Bieber is 19-years-old and is in the news for hardly anything positive these days.

Gomez also Instagrammed a picture of her award:

You can watch Gomez's speech below:

Image: SelenaGomez/Instagram