Drake & Hailey Baldwin Are Totally Platonic

Hang your mourning shrouds back in your closet, fellow overly dramatic Drake fans. Because, as far as we know, the dude is still single. Phew. Per E! News, Hailey Baldwin is not dating Drake, as she told them that they are just old friends — "great friends," even — meaning that the rapper's rumored new beau, is no beau at all. This doesn't seem like a typical celebrity type of dating deflection, either. Baldwin had a perfectly good alibi for spending more time with Drake than usual — they were making a music video together.

She told E! News about their relationship, "I've known [Drake] for a long time, I don't know if people really know that."

I totally didn't. The clarification is more than appreciated. The site also pointed out that "a long time" means a four whole years. And a source apparently revealed to E! News that "They have always had a close friendship and similar group of friends. They are very playful with each other, but nothing romantic is going in at this moment." A relief for those of us who still have hope that we'll bump into the rapper one day and a rom-com romance will ensue. *Whistles*

Listen, I know the internet jokes about Drake being sensitive, but sensitivity is no joke. Especially when it comes to picking BFFs for you to pour your heart out to. When Baldwin calls Drake a "great friend" she isn't embellishing at all. Drake has proven time and again that he is a truly great confidant.

1. He Considers His Friends Family

And likes to commemorate time spent together with an unsuspecting group selfie.

2. He Posts Super Cute Birthday Shout Outs To His Pals

Aw Drake, you shouldn't have.

3. He Also Considers His Family Friends

I don't have proof, but I just know they having matching broken hearted "Best" and "Friend" necklaces.

4. He Treats His Friends Well

That caption?! I'm not crying...

5. He And His Dad Chill On The Regular

Like two peas in a pod.

6. He's Cool With His Friend's Families, Too

Photoboming a fam photo, that's how you know it's real.

7. He Cherishes Old Friends

Important. Degrassi friends are SO IMPORTANT.

8. ...And He Makes Sure To Make Time For Them

My reaction to this picture will forever be: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! But also, good on him for acknowledging his roots.

9. Basically, He's The Best...


I get it, Hailey. I so do.