What Happens When Gay & Lesbian Friends Swap Dating Apps — VIDEO

Finding the right dating app can be hard— and there's definitely a bit of a grass is greener effect. You watch your friends on Tinder and it seems like there are more options than Bumble. You keep seeing the same people on Happn, but your friends are always getting into the serious relationships from OkCupid. We all watch our gay friends on Grinder and make them show us the weirdest dick pics they've ever gotten— or is that just me?

Well Buzzfeed decided to see what happens if gays and lesbians switch dating apps. The gay guys set up and manage profiles for their lesbian friends on Her, while the women set up and manage Grindr accounts — and they couldn't be more different. I mean, I would hasten to add that they aren't necessarily equivalents. Lots of my gay guy friends use Tinder for dating and Grindr for sex, while I don't know anyone on Her that's there just for sex, but I know girls that look for lesbian hookups on Tinder. So when comparing a more sex-based app and a more relationship app they're bound to be incredibly different. Still, it's fun to watch them try to cope with apps they aren't used to — and they didn't all cope well.

You can watch the whole video here:

But here are my favorite moments:

1. "You Just Talk To Them For Forever"

She correctly summarizes the struggle of almost all dating apps. You talk and talk and talk "and like never meet up." Not a problem with Grindr, where you can get instant gratification.

2. "Oh, Grindr"

His eyes say it all. His excited, tired eyes.

3. "This Means Beautiful"

They have to literally translate for each other what's being said. Gays and lesbians have totally different app lingo.

4. Lesbians Have No Chill

There's no need to even finish the profile, he says: "I'm still picking out the pictures and like five girls have already tried to chat." They're on it. No chill.

5. So Tired

He's barely gotten started and he's "already exhausted." He has about five billion lesbians wanting to chat to him.

6. Tribe Time

Grindr has other troubles. She has to pick a tribe or type for him to be in and went with jock. Although she wanted to be able to choose "sweet jock"— Grindr doesn't care about your sweetness.

7. Friends And Chats

On Her, there are chats and friends requests and he looks overwhelmed by both of them.

8. Pics, Pics, Pics

OK, it may be offensive to ask for pics right off the bat, but I think it's just as offensive to joke about spaghetti.

9. "She's Totally My Type"

This duo did way better — he found her a girl that she loves and there was even a number swap.

10. "I'm Really Sorry"

Overwhelmed by "heys" and dick picks, she said "On behalf of humanity, I'm really sorry that this is what your experience has to be." They both seemed difficult to survive in different ways— either swimming in meaningful chats or swimming in dick pics. Choose your own adventure.

Images: Buzzfeed Yellow/YouTube