Where To Find The Cast Of 'Person Of Interest' Now

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The hardest part of a series finale is letting go of the fictional friends that you may have made along the way. If we're lucky, however, the actors who played those characters will pop up in other projects. In that spirit, since Person of Interest won't return, here is what the cast is doing next, for fans who don't want to let go yet.

The CBS series came to an end on Tuesday, but thankfully, most of the cast is full of established favorites — especially when it comes to science fiction and genre television. You won't be missing anyone for a while. The only actor who doesn't have any recent/immediate projects coming up is Jim Caviezel, who you can always revisit in The Thin Red Line. The Passion of the Christ, or The Count of Monte Cristo.

On that note, the Person of Interest cast is stacked with film and television veterans. You can always rewatch Michael Emerson on Lost, Amy Acker in Angel, or Sarah Shahi in Life and The L Word if you're looking for your next Netflix marathon. Enrico Colantoni will always be a Galaxy Quest alien and Veronica Mars' dad. Plus, if you're not already watching Taraji P. Henson on Empire, I don't know what to tell you. Get on that! Here are some other places to find the Person of Interest cast in the coming months. Let the healing process begin.

Taraji P. Henson

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Besides playing Cookie on Empire, Henson is starring with Octavia Spencer and Aldis Hodge in the 2017 NASA film Hidden Figures. Since Person of Interest, Henson also starred in Proud Mary, What Men Want, and the upcoming 2020 film Coffee & Kareem.

Amy Acker

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Always a favorite with Joss Whedon fans, she's in Alan Tudyk's series Con Man as well as When Jack Went Glamping and The Energy Specialist, two upcoming films. 2019 marks the 20th anniversary of Angel, if you need a reason for a rewatch. She also starred in The Gifted and occasionally pops up on Suits.

Sarah Shahi

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Well, Shahi was cast as Nancy Drew in CBS's Drew, but that pilot was unfortunately not picked up to series. Instead, she returned to her old Chicago Fire gig. Shahi also had an arc on The Rookie and recurred on both Reverie and City on a Hill. She's definitely kept busy post-Person of Interest.

Michael Emerson

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It's not an acting role per se, but you can catch Emerson's infamous voice narrating the PBS documentary The Mystery of Matter: Search For The Elements. He's kind of the perfect person to explain science. The former Lost villain was a guest star on Claws and Mozart in the Jungle. He also joined Arrow and The Name of the Rose.

Kevin Chapman

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The actor who played Lionel can be seen in the upcoming movie Good Kids as well as the series A.P.B. — which is about what happens when a tech billionaire buys and tries to run a police precinct. In recent years, Chapman joined Shahi on City on a Hill, played Bo Lockley in Sneaky Pete, and showed up in two episodes of The Punisher.

Enrico Colantoni

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Finally, while Carl wasn't a huge part of Person of Interest, you can see him now on Powers, Travelers, and Death's Door. There's also, of course, the return of Veronica Mars.

Nobody from Person of Interest is going far away. That's the silver lining to any series ending. It just means more opportunities for your favorites to come.