Why Harry Styles Won't Show His New Hair

The day that Harry Styles finally cut his hair is a day that will go down in One Direction history, and since that day, we've all been waiting very patiently for a big reveal. But it has not come, and I'm seriously starting to wonder: Why is Harry Styles hiding his new hair? While he hasn't spoken out publicly on it, there are definitely a few things that could be going on here.

We were all down to give Styles time to reveal his hair when he first made the chop one month ago, but given that it's been so long, this is going beyond waiting for a proper time to reveal it and and venturing into full-on trying to hide it. Save for a few pictures from the set of the new movie he's filming, we haven't gotten any shots of the singer's new hair, and every time he's photographed out and about, he has a hat on. So clearly, he's trying to keep it under wraps, here.

But what's the deal? We all know he cut it — he revealed it himself on Instagram — so he doesn't have to keep it covered up for secrecy purposes. IMO, things are just getting a little weird. While we won't know anything for certain until Styles decides to talk, these are a few possible reasons why he's hiding his short hair.

1. He Doesn't Like It

We've all been there — you get a bad haircut and want to hide under your hat (or like, under your bed) until it's all grown out. But given that Styles is adorbs no matter what, I doubt this is the case. Moving on.

2. He's Waiting For The Movie To Come Out

Styles cut his hair for his role in the upcoming WWII movie, Dunkirk, which is a huge step in his solo career, and maybe he wants us all to be surprised when we see it. I mean, we have this image of who he is in his personal life, and maybe he wants to keep it totally separate from his role in the film, so that when it comes out, we're truly seeing the character he plays, not Harry Styles the singer.

3. He's Trying To Preserve His Image

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If Styles intends to grow his hair back out after filming ends, he may be trying to preserve that rocker image and not confuse everyone with the shorter hair. You know what happens when people get attached to the way a celebrity looks — they get pissed when they change it, so maybe he's hiding it because it's not permanent and he doesn't want anyone getting too attached.

4. He's Messing With Us

This one wouldn't surprise me at all. Styles is a pretty private person, but he also has a sense of humor, so he may be totally getting a kick out of this whole thing. The crazy hype around his hair may make him want to tease us even more.

Whatever the reason, let's just hope we get some more shots of it soon.