Lynda Carter As 'Supergirl's President Is Perfect For These 13 Reasons

A superhero is headed to the White House in Supergirl Season 2. Well, OK, not quite — but the actress who played Wonder Woman in the 1975 series Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter, is joining Supergirl Season 2 in literally the most perfect role for her there could be — President of the United States. Although I'm sure Carter won't be playing Wonder Woman who happened to run for president and win, I'm inclined to hope that she will, because I like to dream big — and also because Wonder Woman is the president that we, and Supergirl needs.

Carter isn't the only superhero franchise alum to appear on the series — Lois and Clark star Dean Cain and Supergirl movie actress Helen Slater play Kara’s adoptive parents. Considering they don't play their roles from their respective superhero shows, I'm doubtful that Carter will play Wonder Woman — also, according to Deadline, Carter has been eyed by the series for some time, so its not that far of a leap that they might have had a specific role for her.

That said, it would be ever so delightful to see Diana Prince as an older, retired superhero who is taking charge of issues in her country but can still destroy her fellow politicians on the golf course with one hand tied behind her muscular back. Need proof? Here are a few reasons:

1. She's Got The Experience

Diana Prince had all sorts of government jobs in comic books, from Army nurse to high level military intelligence officer to astronaut to member of the United Nations. She can handle herself as a diplomat, and leader of the armed forces, and a scientist. Not many presidents can say that.

2. She Gets The Vigilante Thing

She won't go making trouble for people like Supergirl and her cousin Superman. She'll understand that they are really just trying to keep everybody safe.

3. She's All About Democracy

If anybody gets Democracy, its definitely an Amazonian princess who received powers from the Olympian gods.

4. She Can Take Care Of Herself

Sure, the Secret Service is all well and good, but how about being a person with superstrength and crazy reflexes?

5. She Demands Respect

It would be downright frightening to mess with this President.

5. She's Got Great Style

There's obviously more to the presidency than pantsuits, but fashion sense doesn't hurt.

6. That Lasso Thing Is Pretty Cool

I mean, who would complain if their president had an awesome golden lasso? That's just neat.

7. It Would Be Nice For Supergirl to Have A Strong Female Role Model

The president and Supergirl would probably end up having to hang out a lot due to saving the world and whatnot, so I'm sure they would totally bond. And it would be amaze.

8. Girl Power In General

A strong female president in a series is always exciting. If she's Wonder Woman, that would just be the icing on the cake.

9. She Keeps Her Cool Under Pressure

The United States needs a leader who doesn't freak out in the face of danger. One never knows what could happen.

10. She Loves America

Just look at that patriotic cape.

11. She's Kind

When engaging in all sorts of negotiations with other countries, it pays to be nice.

12. She's Always Up For The Challenge

Someone who's so down to take down a bunch of baddies would no doubt also be good at pushing bills for social justice.

13. She's Compassionate

This gal's whole goal is to help people in need. There are a lot of people that need help in this country, and someone with Wonder Woman's moral compass is the perfect person to take that on.

This is all just making me wish that Wonder Woman was real and could actually be a leader of a nation. But alas, the only way this dream could come true is on Supergirl. I guess we'll just have to wait until Season 2 of the series. Everyone, keep those fingers crossed until then!

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