This Weekend Beauty Bucket List Will Change Your Look

In honor of this cultural monolith we call The Weekend, here's a full schedule of ways you should pamper, experiment, and nurture your face over the next couple of days. Take it upon yourself to make this the weekend of the The Look. Warning: compliments ahead.

Friday Night: Try something risky. Whether you've always been intrigued by gothic lipstick, Cleopatra-gold eyeshadow, or neon eyeliner, but the thought of actually putting it on your face makes up little bit nervous, embrace the devil-may-care attitude of Friday and make this the night you try it out. And remember, nothing is quite as forgiving as candlelight.

Saturday morning: Nurture your hungover but fabulous skin. Even if you're groaning all the way to the coffee percolator this morning, take the time to smear honey all over your face before laying back down. Oh yeah, honey — it's the best single-ingredient mask you can put on your face, and its soothing, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial properties will have your poor skin back to diva status in approximately 20 minutes. Follow up with an ice cube rubbed all over your face if you're feeling especially zombie-like.

Saturday afternoon: Take yourself to brunch with Twiggy lashes. On Friday, you were free to experiment, but this Saturday, the verdict is in: Twiggy lashes are the only way to go if you want to rock the best brunch look of your life. No need to break out the falsies; put an extra coat (or five) of mascara on the top lashes, a few heavy-handed coats on the bottom lashes, dot black eyeliner in between the bottom lashes for a lushly clumped effect, and apply white eyeliner to your inner eye. Pairs well with a bright dress and tomboyish flats.

Saturday night: Master a basic look.Whether you're going out tonight or not, now is the time for you to finally teach yourself the smoky eye. Or the flawless red lip. Or the trick to contouring with bronzer. Pull out your biggest mirror, your makeup arsenal, and YouTube, and let the online makeup goddesses teach you something you've always wanted to know.

Sunday morning: Learn something new. Mornings are a time for coffee, great natural lighting, and wild makeup application mistakes. Now is the time to check out that Lady Gaga in "Telephone" makeup tutorial you've always had an eye on. It's also a time for lipstick on eyelids, eyeliners in unnatural shades of the rainbow, and glitter. Makeup catastrophe? Olive or coconut oil on a cotton ball will remove all ills.

Sunday afternoon: Embrace your inner vegetable. Whew, it's been a productive weekend. You're now mistress of the smoky eye and have knocked Katy Perry from her queen-of-Friday-night throne with your near-black lipstick and ice-blue eyeliner. It's time to do that weird archaic thing everyone's been reminiscing about: Curl up with a book. But don't make this just any reading session; accessorize your novel with something hydrating (herbal tea, coconut water, cucumber water, regular water — water is your skin's best friend) and an extra-thick layer of moisturizer (use it like a mask and let your skin drink it up). Make the most of it, because on Monday, it's back to minimal mascara and a subtle lipgloss...or is it?

Image: RodrigoFavera on flickr